Wednesday, 11 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #33 Wada Ayaka

The blog relay moves along from Kanazawa Tomoko to Buddha statue and painting enthusiast Ayacho.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The blog relay has come around to me!
It came along from juice=juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko-chan~(^^)
I’ve never seen her charged up、 she’s really relaxed (^^)
Kanon-chan often mimics KanaTomo’s singing~(^^)
It really does sound like her~(^^)!
Next time、 I’d like to see KanaTomo and Kanon-chan collaborate~(^^)
Ah! Also、、
When KanaTomo wrote about me in her relay blog、 she wrote about Buddha statues、 that really made my day 
KanaTomo、 thank you~(^^)

And with that、、
The theme of the blog relay is
「Is It Just Me?」
There’s a lot~(^^)
I like Buddha statues、 I like paintings、the arts、 I like art!
My next travel plans、
・ I’d like to go to the Buddhist image exhibition at Nagano Prefecture’s Zenkō-ji-san which starts from the 5th of April (^^)
It’s once in every 7 years \(^-^)/
The Amitabha-san from three Buddhist images in a united halo!
Also、 there’s a triennial in Niigata in the summer!
A local art festival。
If I have the time、 I’d like to go to Niigata~(^^)

Since I seem to only talk about those things、、
I’m often told I’m austere!
The people who are on the same wavelength as me are from my father’s generation、 my grandfather’s generation 
 There aren’t many young girls that get this excited about this kind of topic~(^^) I’m often told \(^-^)/

It seems that young girls don’t really have austere hobbies (^^)
But、、 If you limit it to idols、、
There might not be anyone who likes Buddha statues and paintings like I do (^^)
Is It Just Me?
Perhaps (^^)

The next relay blog、
Will be Morning Musume。’15’s Haga Akane-chan☆

I haven’t really talked with her (..)
But、、 The other day、
MeiMei informed me of something!
「It seems that Haga-chan likes Kuduu too。 Wada-san!」!

And so!
Even though I’ve said this countless times!!
False is who I like!!

Next is、、
Haga Akane-chan!

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