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Kikkawa You Idol Planet Interview (May 2014)

Some excerpts from a Kikka interview done by Idol Planet. It was published in the middle of 2014, around the release of 'Urahara Temptation/Ii jan'.


Is your room a horrible mess?

I'm currently at peak messiness (laughs).
Every day, I'm busy from morning to night, I've got no time to clean up.
There's no place for me to tread, it's like a pigsty (laughs).

Bad enough that you'd call it a pigsty (laughs) . 


Do you have space to sleep?

I've got a bed.
I'll throw whatever I'm wearing on the bed though (laughs).
I'll ensure that there's a proper place for me to sleep.

When I hand-chopped cabbages every day for a diet, I realised that they were pretty tasty!
It was around that time when I was writing up my profile, and when I was asked what my special skill was, that was the only thing I had.

And, the diet itself?

It wasn't effective (laughs).
I think I gave it up about a year and a half into my debut.
Nowadays, I don't chop cabbages at all.


You've been claiming that 'Urahara Temptation' has been a favourite of yours from the start.

Since I've always been saying that I want to sing a song that's like Goto (Maki)-san's.


Talking about temptation, if you were to try to seduce someone, what sort of trick would you use?

Seduction, huh? Well, I'd just show them my wagamama body, right?
A woman revealing her cleavage is somewhat sexy, right?
If you have boobs, that is.


Are you an ame onna?

It always rains on important days. Concerts, interviews with reporters, gravure shoots...
Recently, they made an umbrella as one of my promotional goods.
A Kikka-umbrella.
It's not really selling, but in the future?
If it rains at an event, sales might increase (laughs).
It's a good arrangement.


Source: Idol Planet

Urahara Temptation / Iijan / You Kikkawa

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