Sunday, 1 March 2015

Comments from members of Kobushi Factory on their group name

・Fujii Rio (15 / Senior 1 / From Aichi prefecture)
Just like the kobushi magnolia in the language of flowers、 and our inheritance from Berryz Kobo-san、
I'd like to deepen my friendship with these companions I can trust、 and bring out our individualities!
Our unit name has an impact、 and armed with that、 I'll do my best so that lots of people will come to know of the name 『Kobushi Factory』!

・Hirose Ayaka (15 / Middle 3 / From Kanagawa Prefecture)
People hold their hands in a kobushi (fist) during happy times and in trying times、 and when clasping hands、they're connected through kobushi。
Just like that kobushi which is packed with such a special meaning、 with power、 I'd like to share all sorts of feelings、 and like the pure white of the kobushi flower、 I'd like us to be a group that always moves forward with freshness。
Moreover, with the 「Factory」 which comes from the English for Berryz Kobo-san's 「Koubou」、
we inherit Berryz Kobo-san's feelings、 and what's more, I'd like to set our sights on becoming a welcoming unit that's loved by everyone、 just like Berryz Kobo-san

・Nomura Minami (15 / Middle 3 / From Tokyo)
With a lot of things implicit in the word 「Kobushi」、 and with koubou's meaning of 「Factory」、
There are a lot of meanings packed in it。
I was surprised that the mere word 「Kobushi」 had so many meanings packed into it。
Shimizu-san was involved with the proposal of the idea、  and hearing that she would remain to give us guidance made me think 「Hoorayー!」。

・Ogawa Rena(14 / Middle 3 / From Tochigi Prefecture)
Our unit name has deep meanings、 it really had been thought out。
The kobushi has deep meanings like in the language of flowers like 「friendship」 「welcome」、 so I'd like us to create a group with strong and deep bonds。
We also received the word 「Factory」、 so I'd like to inherit the feelings of Berryz Kobo-san。

・Hamaura Ayano (14 / Middle 2 / From Saitama Prefecture)
Since 『Kobushi Factory』 really remains in the ears、 I think it's an easy-to-remember name。
I'm really happy that our unit name was decided this time、 and it makes me happy that it includes the 'koubou' meaning from my beloved Berryz Kobo-san。
Just like the beautiful kobushi flower、 I'd like us to be a wonderful group。

・Taguchi Natsumi (14 / Middle 2 / From Saitama Prefecture)
I think it's really great that the kobushi means 「friendship」「trust」「welcome」 in the language of flowers、 and just like in the language of flowers、 it would be nice if the 8 of us improved our 「friendship」、 and form a mutual relationship of 「trust」。
And、 so that we'll be able to 「welcome」 a lot of prople、 I'd like to do my best with everything I have。
「Factory」 has the meaning of 「Koubou」、 so I'd like to do my best to be a group rich in individuality like Berryz Kobo-san。

・Wada Sakurako (13 / Middle 2 / From Aichi Prefecture)
I'd like us all to do our best to become a group that's like the kobushi in the language of flowers, high in 「friendship」 with mutual 「trust」 that is 「welcoming」、 and become a group that continues for over 10 years、 just like Berryz Kobo-san。

・Inoue Rei(13 / Middle 1 / From Tokyo)
At first I wondered what a 「Factory」 was。 But、 when I found out it had the meaning of Berryz Kobo-san's 「Koubou」、 I was moved。
I'd like to take over the things that Berryz Kobo-san have carefully observed。
Finding out that kobushi、 in the language of flowers means 「friendship」 or 「welcome」、 I thought that I'd like us to become a group that's like the kobushi flower。

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