Wednesday 4 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #25 Takagi Sayuki

The blog relay moves from Yamaki Risa to H!P's monkey, Sarubee,

(Original blog post in Japanese)

Well then、

The blog relay came around to me from Country Girls’ Yamaki Risa-chan。

I read Yamaki-chan’s blog post。
Thank youーーー ♡♡

Yamaki-chan’s really cute。

She thinks about Country Girls with everything she’s got、

With Inaba Manaka-chan, the two of them think about various things concerning the other members、

Both Yamaki-chan、 and Manaka-chan、
Have personally come to me to discuss things。

Yamaki-chan is like Country Girls’ older sister、 she thinks tenderly about everyone。

I love Yamaki-chan’s really adorable face when she laughs!!♡

Well then、 this blog relay
Has a topic~

The topic is
『Is It Just Me?』
And with that、、

This’d be it~

When I see a member who’s asleep、

Perhaps by instinct。
I’ll end up taking a photo!

See, like this。 lolol

But if I put something like this up on the blog、 doesn’t it bring joy to everyone??♡

My instincts serve to raise everyone’s spirits! lol

…So、 is it okay like this?

And for me、
I’ll pass along the baton to Morning Musume。’15’s Oda Sakura-chan。

Is really good friends with Yamaki Risa-chan、

The two of them always stick together、
All lovey-dovey。

They’re just too close!
With such a closeness that makes me think that、
It’s amusing to watch them。 lol

I’m counting on youーー!

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