Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Twitter Tidbits: Juice=Juice confess to Berryz Kobo

Confessions for Berryz Kobo, the final day.

Rich in personality ♥ with strong unity, I always felt that you were a wonderful group♥
I really love the Berryz Kobo-san who get serious when they're messing around ☀️ (Miyazaki)

Everyone's so rich in personality in their own way, I've got this impression that they always seem to be having fun! But it's wonderful how they band together as a serious group..♥ (Kanazawa)

Even though Berryz Kobo-san is rich in personality, they carry things out when they decide on something, so I really respect them for that! Love you (Takagi)

Berryz Kobo-san are always kind, with a warmth that feels like it envelopes you, but they're strict at times , they're senpai I truly love.
I love Berryz Kobo-san's passionate performances! (Miyamoto)

I'd like to learn a lot by watching what little performances remain.
With such a lovely group-san, I can't think of anything besides how truly amazing you are.
I love Berryz-san ♥ (Uemura)

Finally, tomorrow will be their final concert at Budokan.

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