Monday, 16 March 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #38 Okai Chisato

The blog relay passes from Shimamura Uta to end at Okai Chisato.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The HinaFes blog relay
Has come along to me
38th is the last
I'm kind of happy to be the last (lol)
That said、when did the rest of them write theirsーーー??

For Chisato、
It came along from Country Girls' Shimamura Uta-chan

She wrote、
That she respects Chisato's ability to talk and singing…
Is that true (lol)??
We don't really talk much
But the colour of Uta-chan's eyes
Has this image of being pretty! And she's girly!
If we have the chance to talk some time, I beg for your kindness~~

And、 on the topic of 「Is It Just Me…?」、
I can't get along with my dog → Howl
Who we've been raising for 1 yearーっ
Even though he smoothly listened to what I said at the start、
Recently he's been biting me
With all his might!
Being looked down on so quickly
By a dog that I've been fully raising up、
It's not letting a human like me be its companion…This kind of experience…
Is It Just Me?? lol

And that's how it is!
The HinaFes blog relay
Has ended
Have you been following along
With all the blog posts??

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