Sunday, 15 March 2015

Berryz Kobo's messages to themselves

I was going through Berryz Kobo's music videos from their Final Completion Box, listening to the audio commentary. At the very tail end of the 2nd DVD, at the end of Love Together, I realised that there was an additional part where the girls individually gave messages to themselves, something that doesn't appear on the promotional version on YouTube.  The messages are short and sweet, so enjoy.

Yurina: 'Yurina, don't forget the many things you ENJOYed'

Saki: 'Captain, thanks for your hard work!'

Risako: 'Risako, continue to do your best from now on too, okay'

Momoko: 'Momochi, you definitely were cute'

Miyabi: 'Miya, you were able to make lots of wonderful memories, right?'

Maasa: 'Maasa, thank you for the enjoyable time'

Chinami: 'Chinami, thank you!'

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