Thursday, 21 January 2016

「Momochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour ~Momochi's birthday gathering 2016~」

Earlier this year, Momochi had some good news for us - she'd be holding another bus tour, this time in commemoration for her 24th birthday! Here's some quick translations of the messages concerning this bus tour from everyone's idol, cute as always, Tsugunaga Momoko.

This message was on the news page:

♥ Message from Momochi ♥

I've got good news for all you Otomomochi ♥
This is what you've been waiting for!!
It's finally taking place!
The second Momochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour!!
What's more, it's for my 24th birthday this time around!!!
Just imagining that I'll be moving up a year with all of you Otomomochi is already making Momochi's chest pound.

Of course there'll be 2-shot shootings, and a countdown concert...
We'll also be doing that illusive 'Spring something-something great gathering'!!!
Do you know what it is?

There's no doubt that it'll be a fun 2 days!!
Momochi guarantees it!!
We'll be waiting for lots of your applications ♥

*This tour is a tour that is limited to fan club members only.


While here's the message that came included with the application brochure:

Momochi to Iku Otomomochi Tour ~Momochi no Otanjoubikai 2016~

To all the Otomomochi around the world!
This is what you've been waiting for ♥
The dreamed of birthday bus tour ♥
It's such a joy that we'll be able to celebrate the moment I turn 24~♥
We await your applications ♥

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