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Member as girlfriend (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

This one, which came out for the 2015 Summer Hello! Cons, would be the first without Berryz Kobo, and the first with Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories. As new entries into H!P, the members of the two Factories also got a 'New Face Maruwakari Special', which has additional questions for the girls.

Q6. If you were a guy, who would you want as your 'girlfriend'? And how would you confess?

Yajima MaimiSuzuki Airi-chan! I feel like we spend time the same way, so we wouldn't have to be on guard when we're together. We also fool around when we're together, and that atmosphere is fun too (laughs). I'd bring her to a store for something delicious, and while watching her face as she chomps away, I'd throw a straight-ball confession, 'How soothing! I love you! Please go out with me!' (laughs).

Nakajima SakiMiyamoto Karin-chan. When Karin-chan is like 'There's a concert tomorrow, OMG-', I'd go 'From now on, please be pretty for only my sake'...... (laughs). Shrewd with cosmetics, Karin-chan is everyone's idol.

Suzuki AiriHagiwara Mai-chan. I feel like she's got faces that she only shows to herself ♥ For the confession...... We're always together, so I wouldn't know the what the situation would be, but I guess I'd say 'I'd like to see more of Mai's faces, so won't you go out with me?' (laughs).

Okai Chisato: Hagiwara Mai-chan ☆ She's cheerful, so I feel like she'll blow away Chisato's negativeness.

Hagiwara MaiMakino Maria-chan. I'd confess while playing catch at dome baseball!!

Q6. If you were a guy, who would you want as your 'girlfriend'? And how would you confess?

Fukumura MizukiNakajima Saki-san. I feel like just taking a walk with her would be fun. While we're shopping, when she'd ask me 'Which outfit do you prefer?', I'd say 'I prefer Saki♥'

Ikuta ErinaInaba Manaka-chan. Even when Eri has a normal encounter with her, she'll say that I'm cool. I don't think I need to confess, it'll get through. How about that!?

Sayashi Riho: Morito Chisaki-chan. Morito-chan's face goes completely red when she gets self-conscious, so I'd like to make her go all red by doing the in-vogue 'Kabe-don'. I can imagine myself going 'Ah~ So cuteeeeee ♥' (laughs).

Suzuki KanonOkai Chisato-san. If Okai-san was my girlfriend, I think that every day would be fun. For a confession, perhaps we might go together to a store that sells plus-size hamburgers, and I'll say 'Let's go have hamburgers together even in the years to come!'

Iikubo HarunaMorito Chisaki-chan. Her face goes completely red when I talk to her. It's really adorable ♥ Backstage or in the corridors, when it's just the two of us, I'd like to try hugging her from behind (laughs).

Ishida AyumiMorito Chisaki-chan. With both arms open, she'd hug me while being self-conscious, and I feel she'd fit snugly in my arms even despite my height, she's cute ♥ Even when we're going out, I'd like to tell her 'I like you' many times, since I want to see Chisaki-chan get flustered every time (laughs).

Sato MasakiHarunan. She's funny, so our conversations would be filled with laughter ♪

Kudo HarukaHagiwara Mai-san. I want her to say 'Welcome home~!' (laughs). At the peak of a Ferris wheel, I'd like to confess with a 'Would you like to change your family name to Kudo?'

Oda SakuraMy recent favourite Yamaki Risa-chan. 'Um, I like you, but is it fine if I just watch you?'...... I like her but I can't bring myself to ask her out!

Ogata HarunaMiyazaki Yuka-san. Because she's cute and soothing. I'd like to try having a date with Miyazaki-san, leading her by the hand at a skating rink.

Nonaka Miki: My contemporary Ogata Haruna-chan. I'd say something like 'I like you!' at the skating rink! If I did that, she'd probably reply with a 'What are you going on about!'......

Makino Maria: Takeuchi Akari-san ♥ I'd confess by handing over baseball match tickets and saying 'Let's go and watch baseball together'. But, even if I wasn't a guy, it's a dream for me to go and watch baseball together with Takeuchi-san ♥

Haga Akane: Inaba Manaka-chan. Because she has this gentle and cute feel to her, I'd like to listen to lots of her stories. The confession would be 'I really like you ♥ Please go out with me'!

Q6. If you were a guy, who would you want as your 'girlfriend'? And how would you confess?

Wada AyakaAikawa Maho-chan. The reason is because her reactions are funny, and while it'd be a pain because she'd respond to everything in a silly way (laughs), she's cute! I guess we'd go to a cat cafe together , that's where the confession would happen.

Fukuda KanonMorito Chisaki-chan. She's cute, it makes you want to protect her~. I'll protect her.

Nakanishi KanaOda Sakura-chan. I'd confess by buying her her favourite ice cream. 'Please give me a squeeze!'. Also, even MeiMei would be fine.

Takeuchi Akari: Ishida Ayumi-chan. When Ayumin and I are playing sports together, I'd casually say 'Let's go out!'

Katsuta Rina: Suzuki Kanon-chan. She's cheerful and always smiling, so I think it'd be interesting to be with her. It'd be really amusing! The confession would be 'Let's have breakfast together every day' (laughs).

Tamura MeimiMomochi-senpai. I want her to say 'Yurushite-nyan♥' in a cute way when we're by ourselves. The confession would be 'Please do the Koyu-beam'

Murota MizukiAikawa Maho-san. She always has this airy feel to her. On a day when the two of us are hanging out, I'd say 'I like you'.

Aikawa Maho: Makino Maria-san. She's girly and really cute. I'd gently confess at school......

Sasaki RikakoInaba Manaka-chan. Even now, she comes to me to be babied, and if I was a guy and got to spoil her, I'd faint (laughs), 'Manakan, I love you♥', that would be my confession.

Q6. If you were a guy, who would you want as your 'girlfriend'? And how would you confess?

Miyazaki YukaMorito Chisaki-chan. Her smiling face is really cute, and I'd like to be soothed by that smile every day♥ For the confession, at a park that's full of nature, I'd say 'From now on, why don't the 2 of us smile together every day', I guess?

Kanazawa Tomoko: Hirosa Ayaka-chan. Since she gives me the impression that she's energetic and is always smiling, I feel that it'd be fun to be together with her, and she's sociable, so I feel like I'd introduce her to my friends and family! The confession would be a natural 'I like you'. Because it'd be awkward otherwise (laughs).

Takagi SayukiInaba Manaka-chan!! Above all, she's cute! I want her as my girlfriend! Though she'd wholeheartedly be devoted to Kudo Haruka...... But it's also cute to be devoted to the person she likes!! As for the confession, I'll think about it when the time comes.

Miyamoto KarinTakeuchi Akari-chan. If anything, she's cute. For the confession situation, I'd like to suddenly call her 'my girlfriend' in front of everyone.

Uemura AkariMiyazaki Yuka-chan. She's mellow, so I feel that it'd be soothing. I'd confess with a 'Don't make a worried face!'

Q6. If you were a guy, who would you want as your 'girlfriend'? And how would you confess?

Tsugunaga MomokoHagiwara Mai-chan ♥ Recently she's gotten really cute again!! (For Momochi,) time stopped for her 13 years ago when she was in her 1st year of primary school, and I want to pat her on the head, going 'Good girl, good girl~'. The confession would be 'How about you go from being my little sister to my girlfriend?'!?

Yamaki RisaUemura Akari-san ♥ It's really fun to hang out with her, because she's sweet. Since she's always laughing, if I became her boyfriend, I feel that every day would be enjoyable. On our way home after hanging out together, I'd give it to her straight, 'I want you to be my girlfriend'.

Inaba ManakaKudo Haruka-san. I'd previously chosen her as the person I wanted to have as my boyfriend, but if I was a guy, I think she'd be great as a 'girlfriend'! She's got a cool side to her, but she's definitely cute ♥ She's also very feminine. The confession would be 'I love you! Please go out with me!!!'

Morito ChisakiI'd like to have a date with Hagiwara Mai-san at the Land of Dreams. As for the confession...... 'Mai-chan, I love youuuu!'

Ozeki MaiWada Ayaka-san. While Wada-san's mature, she can get into an enthusiastic girly mood, so I think it'd be fun to go out with her. The confession...... 'Wada, I like you'...... Kya-♥

Q6. If you were a guy, who would you want as your 'girlfriend'? And how would you confess?

Fujii RioSuzuki Airi-san. Because all her words and actions are adorable. Suzuki-san brings to mind uniforms, so I'd like to confess to her when she's teaching me something after school hours.

Hirose Ayaka: Ogata Risa-chan. With her fair skin and her nice figure, she's a beauty that I'd be proud to have as a girlfriend (laughs). In the middle of the conversation, I'd like to suddenly spurt out 'I like you' in German, which would surprise her, like 'Eh? What did you just say!?' (laughs).

Nomura MinamiOkai Chisato-san. I'd be glad to be depended on by Okai-san... It's embarrassing...... I'd confess in the school infirmary.

Ogawa RenaKanazawa Tomoko-chan. She's such a beauty and her face is my type. The confession woud be 'I've always liked you from way back. Please go out with me!!!'

Hamaura AyanoMakino Maria-chan. As we return from a baseball game we spectated, I'd say 'Maria, I love love love you!'

Taguchi NatsumiHaga Akane-chan. The confession: 'I want to listen to more scary stories next to you, so please go out with me'.

Wada SakurakoMiyamoto Karin-san. She's really girly! That's how cute her voice is. 'I really like the things about you that are sweet. Please go out with me', that'd be the confession.

Inoue ReiMorito Chisaki-chan. Her smile when she's caught off her guard makes your heart skip a beat ♥ I'd confess with a 'I like you ♥'

Q6. If you were a guy, who would you want as your 'girlfriend'? And how would you confess?

Ogata RisaFukuda Kanon-san. If anything, it's because I love her! The confession would be 'Why don't we go to Disneyland together?'

Yamagishi RikoInaba Manaka-chan. She really has this airy, 'Such a girl!' feeling to her, it makes me feel like wanting to protect her, even if I am younger (laughs). However, her dancing is so cool, and that difference makes my heart skip ♥ a beat.

Niinuma KisoraOgata Haruna-san. Because of her Osaka-ben? Her Kansai-ben is adorable. The confession would be at a skating rink, 'Please glide together with me'

Tanimoto AmiYamagishi Riko-chan. I'd confess after school hours in the classroom, 'I think that you're cute every time I see you. Please go out with me'.

Kishimoto YumenoI'd simply say 'I like you' in Kansai-ben to the pretty and fun-to-be-with Uemura Akari-san.

Asakura KikiUemura Akari-chan. All her reactions are adorable! The confession simulation would be telling her 'I love you!' just before bungee jumping, I'd like to see her reaction (laughs).

Notes and observations:
  • Results were fairly well spread among the non-Factory groups, and there's no virtually unanimous desired girlfriend. However, with 6 nominations, Chiitan was nominated by the most people as a desirable girlfriend. I guess it was no surprise that she ended up playing the girlfriend role in the later-released 'Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne'. Heck, even the kabe-don that Sayashi wanted to do happened in that video.
  • Next with 5 nominations, we have a tie between Hagiwara Mai and Inaba Manaka. Then we have Makino Maria and Uemura Akari with 3 nominations each.
  • I think I mentioned previously that Chiitan and RihoRiho were reciprocal, but that was a mistake on my part. Looks like there are no reciprocal pairs in this round.
  • On a group basis:
    ℃-ute 10
    Morning Musume。´15 11
    Juice=Juice 8
    Country Girls 13
    Kobushi Factory1
    Tsubaki Factory 2
  • Country Girls rule the roost, with Ozeki Mai the only one not mentioned. While nominations were spread around 9 members, Morning Musume。´15 comes second, while the ℃-ute-oneesans come third.
  • I have to say, I can empathise with Maimi's confession. I mean, how do you resist this?

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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