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Tokyo Girls' Style on Konishi Ayano's graduation

Below are translations of the blog posts from the Tokyo Girls' Style members upon the announcement of Konishi Ayano's graduation.


Yamabe Miyu blog: To everyone who has always been cheering us on

It's been officially announced
That our member Konishi Ayano
Who has been working together with us since we made our debut
Will be graduating from Tokyo Girls' Style
And retiring from the world of entertainment.

 While Ayano was taking a break,
 The members and staff continued on with activities
 Thinking that Ayano would return
 That we wanted Ayano to return.

Time and time again
She discussed it with the members and the staff
But it ended up with Ayano no longer being with us
And we truly feel that it is inexcusable
To everyone who has always been cheering us on

Even for us, who discussed it over with Ayano
We're filled with sadness
But we didn't want Tokyo Girls' Style to end just here
So us members
Would like to still work hard as Tokyo Girls' Style

All of us think
That it's truly heartbreaking
But the 4 of us will still be doing our best
And be continuing with activities
So that we'll be able to
Stand once again on the Nippon Budokan stage
And thus, we beg for your kindness from now on as well

Tokyo Girls' Style Yamabe Miyu


Nakae Yuri blog: To everyone who has always been cheering us on.

To everyone who has always been cheering on Tokyo Girls' Style.
Thank you very much for everything.

The announcement this time around
Is that Konishi Ayano will be graduating.

It was a decision made after a lot of discussion.
Of course, we members are sad, as we've spent more time together than we have with our families, and it's a painful decision by a companion who's been with us for 5 years.

But I don't think that I'll stop Ayano's decision, and I would like to support her instead.

Even if she isn't in Tokyo Girls' Style, Ayano is Ayano, so she'll always be a precious companion to me.

Currently, I'm doing a lot of Ayano's singing parts.
Of course, there are many voices going around:
It doesn't fit if it isn't Ayano's voice. There's something lacking if it isn't Aachan's voice.
There were many unrelenting opinions.

I love Ayano's singing as well.
I think that Ayano's parts are something that only Ayano can do.
However, Ayano's final wish was to entrust them to me, so I'd like to properly succeed her.
At the moment, my singing probably can't make up for Ayano.
However, I decided that I'd like Tokyo Girls' Style to continue on even after Ayano graduates from Tokyo Girls' Style by succeeding Ayano's parts..

To everyone who has kept on constantly waiting during Ayano's rest period, to everyone who has been cheering us on, thank you so very much.
Please support Ayano from now on as well.

For us, we would like to move forward and do our best without giving up Ayano's parts.
The 4 of us will do our best so that we'll be able to stand once again on the stage of the Budokan, so we beg for your kindness!

And for me personally, it's been decided that I'll be doing a stage-play next year, which is something to be happy about.
What's more, there will also be Saue to Nakae activities.
Tokyo Girls' Style, Saue to Nakae, stage-play.
Of course I'm really unnerved. Can I do all of it properly? Will I abandon them halfway?
I think that every day.
But, if I think so negatively, the only sure thing is that I'll obtain nothing. I've got to escape from my weak self.
I don't want to do those activities with such half-hearted feelings.
And so, I'll be fighting from now on. I'd like to face myself and give it a lot of thought, come up with answers, and think it through.
And with that, please watch Nakae Yuri from now on. I beg for your kindness.



Shoji Mei blog: To everyone who has always been cheering us on

Our member Konishi Ayano will be graduating from Tokyo Girls' Style and retiring from the world of entertainment.

Tokyo Girls' Style was formed in 2010.

Spending these 5 years together, happiness, joy, sadness, tough times, frustrations... The 5 of us shared all of that, and she's a precious precious member who overcame those with us.

And, Tokyo Girls' Style celebrated our 5th anniversary this year.

That the 5 of us were able to celebrate our 5th anniversary,
That the 5 of us were able to hold a 5th anniversary commemoration concert,
I think it was really great.

During Ayano's hiatus, until Ayano returned, the 4 of us frantically frantically did our best as the group Tokyo Girls' Style to keep up the music of Tokyo Girls' Style.

Ayano repeatedly had discussions with the members and the staff, time and time again.

Moreover, this was Ayano's big decision.

For us, who have always continued on as a 5-person group, to receive the blow that was the graduation of one person, it truly was a big decision.

And now, Ayano, in her own way, has chosen a new, different path, and is facing forward and doing her best.

I would like to quietly give Ayano a supportive push.
From now on as well, without wavering, I'd like to support her with all my might.


When we, Tokyo Girls' Style, made our debut, we said that if even one person was missing, we'd break up.

Truth is, we always had those words in mind as we held activities.

And then we celebrated our 5th anniversary.
There have been various changes in the feelings of the members about Tokyo Girls' Style this year.

We strongly feel that we still don't want to let it end here, that we'd like to aim even higher, even beyond where we've gone so far.

And we made the decision with the intent that the 4 of us would carry on activities as Tokyo Girls' Style from now on.

We'd still like to continue on with Tokyo Girls' Style activities, hoping to stand once again on the stage of the Nippon Budokan, and beyond that, to stand on much much larger stages, so we beg for you kind support from now on as well.

And yesterday, the members came rushing for the final radio programme recording under Ayano's supervision.

The last inning of 'Konishi Ayano no Konitan Konya mo Nikko Niko Nitan' on Radio Nippon NEXT will air late night 2:00 a.m. on the 30th!

Ayano will be delivering her own feelings, her own words, her own voice to all of you.

Please listen to it!

Mei will always always love Ayano

Thank you! Ayano!

Tokyo Girls' Style Shoji Mei


Arai Hitomi blog: To everyone in Astalight

To everyone in Astalight

In order to seize our dreams, the 5 of us have worked hard through the painful times and the fun times, heading towards our dreams for 5 years, and now Aachan will be graduating.

I'll always support Aachan, so I'd like to accept the answer that Aachan came up with after a lot of worrying and thinking.

We apologise
That Tokyo Girls' Style has ended up not as a 5-person group.

But, it relieved me to see Aachan in high spirits today.
Everyone, please give Aachan you support.


{And as an extra, here's Miyu's blog post containing Konitan picspam}

Yamabe Miyu blog: Konichan

While I've been in contact with her through LINE
I hadn't actually seen Ayano in quite a while up until yesterday
Konichan was in really high spirits as usual

It was a great relief
It was a lot of fun with everyone around

The revival of the long unseen 'KoniYama'

The two of us really went wild
Even the scoldings are good memories. lol

I love Ayano!

↑ I've always thought about putting this up
But since I've missed the timing, I'll put it up here

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