Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ai-chan gives a quick update on Tsunku♂

Takahashi Ai made an appearance on the 'Electrolux Best Cleanest Award' ceremony, where she gave a quick update on how Tsunku♂ seemed to be doing.
She enlightened us on the present conditions of producer Tsunku♂(45), in the midst of battling the early stages of laryngeal cancer. 
 Takahashi, who underwent an operation on both sides of her vocal nodules in May of last year, 'Since I had also undergone a throat operation, we communicated on all sorts of things. It seems that he still pops up at the company (office), and while his treatment is still ongoing, he seems to be in good health,' she reported.
 According to persons concerned, Tsunku♂ is unable to utter any words, but continues his producer work communicating through writing.
Having translated it, I dunno, doesn't seem like she's mentioning too much - her second sentence smacks of hearsay rather than something she'd seen with her own two eyes.
And as always, the reliability of 'persons concerned' is always suspect.
But since I hate to discard the efforts of translation, here you have it.


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