Friday, 21 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #26

{From Kudou Haruka, we swim towards the girl who was voted cutest idol of the new generation, Miyamoto Karin}

Miyamoto Karin - 21st March

It's Juice=Juice's 3rd year middle schooler、 Miyamoto Karin  =*^-^*=

From Morning Musume。'14's Kudo Haruka-chan、 the relay has come around to me!

Kudou Haruka-chan、 of course I think of you as a good friend!

Though we haven't talked much recently、 when we were in the Hello! Pro Eggs、 we hung out、 and talked about lots of things、 we were really good friends。

Recently Kuduu's getting increasingly taller in height、 rather than being a guy、 she's become reallllly feminine、 I was surprised!

That Kuduu makes my heart skip a beat (*´`)

And recently、 the thing that moved me was、 today、 it was decided that we'd be having an independent tour。

And、 from a lot of people、 we received words of congratulations。

It's really moving。。

Thank you very much。

Besides our independent tour、

There also the HinaFes、 which will be opening on the 29th、30th of Marchっっ!!

Since HinaFes was the first time that Juice=Juice go to put our performance on display、

We're filled with spirit!!

Everyone、 we humbly beg for your support!!

Well then、 tomorrow will be S/mileage's Fukuda Kanon-san!

We often get in contact、 and when we meet she'll allllways mess with me with her whole face in a smile!

When I contacted her to congratulate them on the opening day for their tour、

She sent a picture of fellow S/mileage member Takeuchi Akari-chan as thanks、

I also contacted her on her birthday、

Despite it being Fukuda-san's birthday、

Her reply was、 she was fond of Karin's expression when singing (T ^ T)

I respect Fukuda-san's kindness、 as well as her determination when it comes to fashion or make up!

At the New Year's Hello! Project concert、Fukuda-san singing 「Suppin to Namida。」 solo、 I really entered the world of the song、 and her rhythm and pitching were flawless、 I was listening in ecstasy while standing by in the wings (//∇//)

It would be great if Strawberriez could be revived someday。

It would also be great if we could chat a lot during the HinaFes (^^)

Until the 『HinaFes』、 there's 8 days。 Looking forward to it (^_^)

For this Michishige-san mission、 I'm begging for your kindness!

That's all from Miyamoto Karin (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

{Oddly enough, Karin made two posts today, at roughly the same time. I'm going to chalk it up to the manager batch processing all the blog posts at the once. Must say that it perks me up to know that even Non knows Karin's tastes; a photo of Takle-chan indeed. Kanon does post fairly often, so back to waiting
What does Fukuda Kanon have to say?}

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