Wednesday, 5 March 2014

【Event Report】University graduation confirmed, Berryz Kobo・ Tsugunaga Momoko、「My Momochi Musubi won't be graduated!」

The product launch for the Playstation 3/ Playstation Vita game 'Sengoku Musou 4', scheduled to go on sale on the 20th of March was held in town, and making an appearance as a special guest was Momochi, Berryz Kobo's Tsugunaga Momoko, unparalleled in the Idol Warring States Period. {I believe Sengoku Musou is set in Japan's Warring States Period, and 'Musou' translates to 'unparalleled'}

Though there were many people around who had played the Sengoku Musou series, what I was interested in was Momochi. At the event, she promptly gave her impressions of playing in the waiting room, "Knocking down people feels exhilarating! [The defeated military commander] was pitiful. As much as I pitied him, it was really fun."

Also, at the same time as Sengoku Musou's release was Berryz Kobo's 10th anniversary. When asked about episodes left over from looking back over their memories of those 10 years; at Berryz Kobo's America performance, Momochi was just waving her hand, and got cheers that she'd never been showered with in Japan, with the spectators unabashedly going, "Momochi very cute![sic]"  It made her feel good to look back on it.

Going back to the product launch, Momochi realised a specially produced "Commander Momochi" using the game's character edit feature. In her game run-through, as you would expect of a game on the Playstation Vita, she pulled off a nice combo while playing, surprising the press and the officials.

"Maybe if I was born in the Warring States period, I'd want to be a princess. If I have to enter a political marriage of convenience, Yurushite-nyan ♪," such an indecipherable comment came flying out. At the photo session after the event, to celebrate her 22nd birthday on the 6th of March, Sengoku Musou 4's popular characters Sanada Nobushige and Sanada Nobuyuki made a surprise appearance and presented Momochi with a birthday cake. Berryz Kobo also celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 3rd of March, and with her university graduation confirmed without any hitches, and her birthday, "Recently there have been a lot of pleasant things. I feel like I've been successful. Ufufufu," Momochi was delighted. However, concerning her university graduation, she was asked, "Are you going to graduate from the Momochi Musubi?" she plainly replied, "My Momochi Musubi won't be graduated! I'd like to continue until it comes into fashion." "Since Yuukorin-san's (Ogura Yuko) planet (planet Korin) exploded (?) when she was 26, 27 years old , I'd definitely go to that extent," making the press burst into laughter. {Trans: edited since I figured out what was going on with the numbers}

In a further digression, in relation to the wonderful characters in the game, Momochi was asked about her ideal guy. "A person who likes Momochi even more than Momochi herself." "A person who can wear a pink T-shirt without being embarrassed," Momochi expounded on her ideal man. Moreover, when asked, "What sort of date would you like to have with your ideal person?," those delusions were immediately broken. "I think it would be fun if the two of us played games. Like... in this game, I don't mean I want to beat that person in the game as an enemy. Something like, "What are you doing to my Momochi!" and counter-attacking, wouldn't that be great??" left the press in a great commotion. Immediately, "... why are you sniggering!" she put in a retort to the press.

Also, "Sengoku Musou 4"'s theme song, the new song written by Kuroyume, "Reverb" (releasing on 26th of March). This song, is being used as the ending theme for the anime "Sengoku Musou SP Sanada no Shou" that will be broadcast from 12 noon on TX Network on the 21st of March, and it was brightening up this event.

text and photo by ytsuji a.k.a. 編集部(つ)



  1. Wait, so Momochi is going to be in the game Samurai Warriors??

    1. More like, you can create a 'Momochi' character using the character edit function.
      In the following link you can see an example, as well as the settings: