Thursday, 15 May 2014

Candy Momochi messages Donut Erina

{Here's a 4koma from when Momoko had a serialisation in UTB}

Candy Momochi
- The pleasant days -

Panel 1
 Candy Momoko, almost turning twenty

Panel 2
Something that I had better do while I'm in my teens...
Have I missed anything?
Ah!! I'll ask that girl!!

Panel 3
Hey there ♥ You know
While I'm sill in my teens
Is there anything that you think is like
'You have to try doing this!!'??
Please tell me-♥♥♥

Thought bubble
I'll send this message to Donut Erina ☆

Panel 4
Thought bubble
I got a message from Donut Erina ☆

Sorry (> <)
Who is this?
I don't have you registered in my address book...
*Mano Erina*

Parting words
...It's a true story. (cries)

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