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H!P Battle without Honour and Humanity - S/mileage x Juice=Juice (Top Yell Sept 2013)


What impression did you have of Miyamoto-san when she was in the Eggs?

Fukuda: She was really tiny when she joined us, like someone's little sister, and she was super cute. The both of us really liked strawberries, so I gave her my 'Strawberry Soul' T-shirt.

Miyamoto: I've worn that T-shirt so much that those words have faded. It's currently in my loft at home!

Takeuchi-san, you were in the H!P Kenshuusei until 2011, so your tenure overlapped, didn't it?

Takeuchi: Karin is one year my junior, and joined the H!P Eggs about half a year after me, so she was the closest to me. We acted together in plays, and we had many opportunities to sing together at concerts and recitals during our tenure as Kenshuusei. Back then, she was way smaller than me, but now she's overtaken me......

Miyamoto: Am I taller?

Takeuchi: You are, you are~

Miyamoto: No way. How many centimeters are you?

Takeuchi: 154cm?

Miyamoto: We're about the same.

Fukuda: No, I'm sure that Take-chan's 153 cm (laughs).

Takeuchi: Well, it's not that different though (laughs).


Besides her height, in what other ways has [Miyamoto-san] grown?

Takeuchi: Karin's been good at singing ever since she joined the Kenshuusei, so I lose to her in that!

Miyamoto: But when I joined the Eggs, Takeuchi-san's dancing looked super energetic, and she was really quick at remembering the dance moves, so I really admired her. She'd have them properly remembered by the time the next lesson rolled around, and she'd be telling us how to do it.

Fukuda: Take-chan's getting self-conscious (laughs).


Takeuchi-san, did you ever get to interact with Takagi-san and Uemura-san?

Takeuchi: I've also done a play together with Sayuki, and we'd go back together by car, up to the train stop closest to my home. But we've never hung out, have we?

Takagi: We've hung out just once, I think.

Between the both of you, what do you talk about?

Takagi: We talk about silly things.

Takeuchi: We were roughly in our first year of middle school, and the two of us loved the anime 'One PIece', so I remember us talking about that~.

Takagi: When she first watched Juice=Juice's MV, Take-chan sent me a message, telling me that it looked good. Besides her thoughts on our videos, we generally have lighthearted discussions. She seems so boyish, yet she's quite kindhearted.

Miyamoto: I got a message too! Though I think that I probably got the same thing.

Fukuda: Does that mean you sent the same thing to everyone?

Takeuchi: I wrote them individually (laughs).


Uemura-san, what is your impression of these two from S/mileage?

Uemura: In April this year, I got to be in the play 'Moshimo Kokumin ni Shusho wo Erandara' together with Fukuda-san. My first impression was that she was a really funny person. Her speech and actions were also amusing, but she'd make passes at me...... Fukuda-san, what are you looking at!?

Fukuda: Uemura-chan, you're cute. Even during the play, you'd step up to me, following me like a puppy. I'd just tickle you a little and your 'Wah!' reaction was so good that it made me happy... though I don't know if you yourself enjoyed it (laughs). And, each and every one of your reactions were adorable as well, which made me want to make even more passes at you.

And what were your impressions of Takeuchi-san?

Uemura: We both have the same name, Akari, so there's a sense of affinity there.

Fukuda: Besides your names, you're completely different thought!

Takeuchi: That's true (laughs).

Uemura: Also, she's really good at putting power in to her dances, so I don't want to lose to her.

Fukuda-san, you've got pretty high expectations about Uemura-san, but could you go in detail about what you've got high hopes about?

Fukuda: I've thought that she's really a beauty, ever since she joined the Kenshuusei. So when she got into Juice=Juice, I knew that there was no mistaking my eyes that had caught sight of Uemura-chan from the very start. I'm glad that Tsunku♂-san has the same opinion as me.


Has Juice=Juice gotten used to performing in front of your senpai?

Miyamoto: It's still nerve-wracking. At the Hello! rehearsals, there are times when we rehearse while the senpai are watching, and they'll be watching us right in front of our eyes.

Fukuda: S/mileage still get nervous as well. If like Berryz Kobo-san are right in front of our eyes, watching us, it's crazy. That makes me even more nervous than the actual performance itself.

Do they watch quietly?

Fukuda: They do. They'll occasionally talk amongst one another, so I get worried. I'll be wondering if they're saying that one of us isn't pulling off the performance right.


Fukuda: There was this most embarrassing rehearsal I've ever had so far, when I got to sing 'Lalala no Pipipi' at a Hello! Con. When I was rehearsing for that, in front of me were Natsuyaki-san, Sugaya-san, and Kumai-san, and since we were in a studio, we were quite close. I thought I would die, with the senpai watching me plus Kumai-san being there. My face became the reddest it's ever been. I think my body temperature must have hit 39 degrees.

Wouldn't you get carried off to the hospital at that level? (laughs)

Fukuda: At that moment, my face got so red that it felt like my head was starting to hurt! When she saw that, Sugaya-san mistook it as a real fever. Out of concern, she asked if I was alright. I'd gotten so red that it made me panic even more. Natsuyaki-san quietly murmured, 'It's because Kumai-chan's watching'. That strained my nerves even more, and I just wanted to get things done with quickly. That's how nervous I get performing in front of the senpai.

Uemura: While Juice=Juice get nervous when we're going at it by ourselves, we get extremely nervous when the senpai are around. I can bring out my voice when practising at home, but at rehearsals, it doesn't come out.

For example, at this moment, Fukuda-san is in front of you. Does that make you nervous?

Uemura: I am nervous. My mind tells me that she's watching (laughs).


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