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2ch: Things that would happen you were washed ashore on an unpopulated island with the 5 members of ℃-ute

1: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)18:15:42 ID:???
Me and Chisato would be fishing on the beach with nksk's handmade fishing rods
3: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)18:38:18 ID:???
MaiMai just grumbles noisily but properly completes the whatever needs to be done
8: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)20:52:31 ID:???
Okai-chan will be unable to hold back from appearing reliable
9: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)21:33:26 ID:???
Maimi-chan will swim to call for help
nksk makes something like a house thanks to the DIY skills forged through SATOYAMA
Okai-chan goes fishing
10: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)21:58:37 ID:???
And in the meantime, HagiSuzu go and investigate what's on the island
11: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)22:01:10 ID:???
There'd be no problems with water since rain would continue to fall
12: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)22:41:07 ID:???
The nksk-style would be to make tools from the abundance of natural resources
The Airi-style would be to make tools from the abundance of junk that's washed ashore on the beach
16: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)04:26:19 ID:???
The things that nksk would generally make are the things requested by Maimi
13: 名無しさん 2014/04/20(日)22:49:51 ID:???
Maimi-nksk、 Chisato-MaiMai would become couples
Inevitably you'd be paired with Airi
15: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)00:33:25 ID:???
Mentally, everyone in ℃-ute would receive support from Maimi、
And from the survival point of view, all of them (especially nksk) are dependable
17: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)04:28:49 ID:???
Okai-chan loses weight and becomes cuter。
18: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)04:30:29 ID:???
Okai would turn wild, sweep away MaiMai and disappear into the mountains
19: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)09:20:46 ID:???
Okai-chan's in charge of hunting
21: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)10:25:28 ID:???
The relatively early stage would be to survive on the island
Catching fish from the sea would be ChisaMai's job
JimaJima would gather fruits and mushrooms on the mountains
And、 Airi and I would remain and be left to construct things
24: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)14:12:42 ID:???
When I fall into a trap dug by Okai for hunting, ChisaMai would look down from above and laugh at me
26: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)15:19:30 ID:???
When there's no food to be found, there'll be a movement to grill Nacky
27: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)15:21:57 ID:???
Stop it
28: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:23:38 ID:???
When a sudden thunderstorm hits the island, Airi will be trembling abnormally
Because of that, I can't help but gently hold her
29: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:26:20 ID:???
If you hold her she'll tremble even more
30: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:36:58 ID:???
In essence that's almost Maimi's job
32: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:46:15 ID:???
Okai-chan turns wild
33: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:46:28 ID:???
Which reminds you, while you're thinking that you haven't seen her for a while, Maimi turns wild
34: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:47:08 ID:???
Who'd keep their senses?
35: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)18:00:32 ID:???
When in peril, I guess the most calm will be MaiMai-neesan
36: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)18:55:12 ID:???
nksk falls asleep while on night watch、 and the fire gets extinguished。
ChisaMai blame nksk so much that she bursts into tears。
37: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)20:57:31 ID:???
nksk seems like she'd cry at the early stages of arriving at the island
38: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)21:20:38 ID:???
The first 2~3 nights after arriving on the island would be the worst
It's the husband's responsibility to hold that nksk tenderly

39: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)21:27:57 ID:???
When'd the husband appear lol
41: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)22:02:45 ID:???
Turn it into a movie
42: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)22:16:27 ID:???
Unless a thunderstorm comes, Airi seems like she'd generally preserve her sanity、
Having said that, if she had some free time, she'd make flower hair ornaments and play around
43: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)23:10:38 ID:???
Normally there would be restrictions on going to the beach in their private time due to company policy
So once we're done with our tasks, we'd all jump into the ocean and play around, just because we're there

Swimsuits? Don't need 'em、 it's not like there'd be any peep shots to cause damage
44: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)23:11:18 ID:???
You wouldn't have swimsuits
45: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)23:26:13 ID:???
Airi「You could call us struggling female warriors on this unpopulated island」
46: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)00:35:46 ID:???
A basket would be woven to be put into the sea to catch shrimps
But when Maimi takes them out, there'll be a big accident where a shrimp hits nksk's face
48: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)03:35:34 ID:???
As for Okai-chan
She'd spread herself even more on the bed

49: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)10:34:07 ID:???
Someone from Berryz comes as a supporter

50: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)11:04:07 ID:???
The unknown whereabouts of ℃ would be pinpointed by Momochi, who does a peculiar calculation
Due to her busy schedule, Kumai-chan would be the substitute sent to meet them
But she'd just end up encountering trouble and being unable to return

51: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)14:55:50 ID:???
Robinson ℃-utesoe

52: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)16:19:25 ID:???
Maimi would tame a wild goat on the island

After she returns, she'll illustrate that goat on ℃-ute's official merchandise for some reason 
53: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)16:38:32 ID:???
Designed by Airi
55: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)20:26:47 ID:???
I guess the shyness would diminish
57: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)21:35:47 ID:???
You do hear those kind of stories
56: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)20:29:18 ID:???
Yajima becomes even more macho
58: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)21:40:28 ID:???
Maimi transforms into Tarzan
59: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)21:50:16 ID:???
I wanna see that!
60: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)21:53:09 ID:???

It's already too late
61: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)22:14:39 ID:???
You'd probably see this every day on the unpopulated island
62: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)22:22:31 ID:???
I'd lose confidence if Maimi showed up like that
I'd only be keeping an eye on Okai-chan
63: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)22:31:52 ID:???
What would happen to Okai-chan's position?
64: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)22:35:04 ID:???
Okai-chan would be in charge of judging the caught fish, cleaning them, and preparing them
65: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)22:35:45 ID:???
Right person, right place
66: 名無しさん 2014/04/22(火)23:27:01 ID:???
What would MaiMai-neesan be in charge of?
67: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)00:16:10 ID:???
Wouldn't MaiMai be the one to keep her cool and give directions?
Something like, 'Since it looks like it's about to rain soon, it might be good to do that'
69: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)06:41:34 ID:???
In front of me, my oshimen is topless
And strangling a wounded animal
What should I do?
71: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)09:44:58 ID:???
Proof they're becoming wild
72: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)10:17:34 ID:???
Because of the piled up stress of living on an unpopulated island and being unable to imagine the future、
nksk would, only once, face Maimi and break down in tears

Once they return to Japan、 the matter above would always be raised at live MCs 
75: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)12:12:21 ID:???
>>72 Before that, the incident where Chisato threw rocks at Airi would spring forth
73: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)10:41:43 ID:???
So graphic that I laughed

76: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)13:04:51 ID:???
Since it isn't the case that the ℃ members haven't fought amongst themselves,
When Maimai hears of the incident described in>>72,
She'll definitely propose that 「Everyone's acting strange, if it goes on like this ℃-ute will end up in pieces。 Let's quickly make a boat or something and head back to Japan」
Next to her, a trickle of tears on Airi's face is illuminated by the setting sun
78: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)17:56:56 ID:???
Recently the Jima-Jima couple often go free-dive fishing
Then nksk will finally build up a six-pack
80: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)22:01:44 ID:???
Because of insecurity whenever night falls, ChisaMai, YajiSuzuNaka will sleep embracing one another
68: 名無しさん 2014/04/23(水)00:23:13 ID:???
So、 when will this become a DVD magazine? 

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