Monday, 26 May 2014

Following the J=J bus tour in tweets (Day 2)

{Same as yesterday, I follow the progress of the Juice=Juice bus tour as per what their official account is tweeting}
Good morning! The members are doing well today! We're begging for your kindness *\(^o^)/*

After this、 a hoto making experience! 
On the right side of bus number 5、℃ is being used Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ 
Making Hoto! 
The place where they hid before the surprise appearance at the shadow art museum
Finally, it's today's main event! The fan gathering is starting!
Our 1st bus tour over 2 days have ended without a hitch! Thank you very much to everyone who participated! All of the members said that they enjoyed themselves from the bottom of their hearts。 Please take care when going back。 
And、 thank you very much to this person! The person himself said that if you retweet this photo your fortune with money and with idols will go up!
To end the bus tour、 we think we'll finish it with this photo (*^o^*) Thank you very much for these 2 days。 From now on, Juice=Juice is begging for your kindness! 

 Juice=Juice's bus tour is done! Well〜 Those 5 were fun! They're always excited at every event, and of course even on the bus ride and backstage! Retweeting this photo will bring your Rose Quartz fortune UP! 

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