Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MechaIke great rampage! 「The 2nd Momochi」 MoMusu。 Ikuta Erina、 about to make a break in the variety circuit

On the May 17th broadcast of  『Mecha×2 Iketeru!』(Fuji TV)、  Morning Musume。'14 made a guest appearance、and member Ikuta Erina (16) was greatly featured。

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[Omitted: Outline of Ikuta's conduct during the show...]

Concerning Ikuta's active role in MechaIke this time around, a writer familiar with idol matters explained thusly.

'In 2011, when Ikuta-san's senpai Berryz Kobo appeared on MechaIke, 'Momochi' Tsugunaga Momoko-san parodied AKB48's 'Aitakatta' and sang it of her own accord, pushing herself forward greatly. Momochi then ate a dropkick from Kato Kouji-san, and was dragged around; that was the opportunity for her to be called into variety. For Ikuta-san this time around, that same flow seems to have arrived. Perhaps from now on, opportunities will come tumbling around?'

Incidentally, Ikuta has previously had this 'magic user' character, but recently 'someone high in the company' forbade it. Disregarding the order of prohibition this time around, she made the decision to abruptly do her magic during the real take.

'When Momochi came out on MechaIke, it seems that their manager had told her to not do anything unnecessary, but she ignored it and put herself forward, yet it ended up with good results. In that way, Ikuta-san violating the order of prohibition and doing her magic in the real take, is the same. Definitely, in variety, it's better to disregard the words of those above you and forcefully and continuously make your way forward.' (same writer)

The day for 'Ikuta-sama' to flourish in variety programmes might not be too distant.

Source: Aol News.


  1. Great news! I'd really love Eripon appearing more on tv.
    Thanks as always for the translation! and get better :)

  2. With Ikuta-san's muscles.. She might be the one to deliver a drop kick to Kato-san...

  3. The H!P of today are playing it way too safe on variety TV. I'll always applaud members who realise this and have the guts to follow their ambition.