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KanaTomo’s Hello! Shop talk event

Now having a meeting for the Hello! Shop event.
Kanazawa Tomoko is nervous.
#juicejuice #kanazawatomoko
The hashtag for Kanazawa Tomoko's Hello! Shop event is   (KanaTomo)!!

I can't deal with the information overload of following the hashtag, but fortunately a dude called @Tozamasan is putting up well written tweets, so kudos to him. Be warned, the following are looser than my usual standard for translations. There's a Taguchi-san mentioned throughout, who I'm guessing is a staff member or manager of sorts.

The song that made KanaTomo like singing - Osaru no Restaurant
Because of circumstances, she can't mention the lyrics. Taguchi-san checks it up.
The song that made KanaTomo like ℃-ute - Hana wo Pu-n
When they were in primary school, her sister liked it, and KanaTomo had to go check it out on the PC for her sister, and ended up getting into it herself.
The first ℃-ute song KanaTomo heard was 'Meguru Koi no Kisetsu'. That's when she fell for Suzuki-san's cuteness.
Song she associates with memories of primary school is hitomi's 『LOVE2000』
Song she associates with memories of junior high school is Gorie with Jasmine & Joann's『PECORI NIGHT』 . When they were having a farewell ceremony in the 3rd year, she danced it with her friends.
Song she associates with memories of senior high school is Berryz Kobo × ℃-ute's 『Chou HAPPY SONG』. Taguchi-san 'Isn't that obvious?'
Since KanaTomo had forgotten about  the 'Chou HAPPY SONG' karaoke contest, when they contacted her by phone to inform her she had won, she hung up with a 'I've never done such a thing'
But when she remembered and called back, she asked 'Did I get the poster?' She never expected to get the grand prize.
Kanazawa's favourite Western song - Birdy's 'Skinny Love'
Other Western acts KanaTomo listens to are Katie Perry and Madonna.
She learnt about Madonna when her vocal coach asked her to use Madonna as a reference.
Song she always sings at home - H!P Kenshuusei's 'Oheso no kuni kara konnichiwa'
She always sings it in the bath, and her father got into it too, and he sings it at the office.
Song she often listens to when going to sleep at night - BoA's 'MeriKuri'
Her father likes it so he often listens to it in the car, so it would be playing when they went out and came back for dinner, listening to that song makes her sleepy.
The song that makes her cry when she hears it - ℃-ute's 'Kimi ha Jitensha Watashi ha densha de Kitaku'
She picked it since she sang this song during her audition for the Ocean Music Award,  and because of the memories she had practising it throughout the day and ending up placing unbelievably well.
Song she listens to when she's down is Suzuki Airi's 'Yes! all my family'
On another note, once when she was feeling down, she went to her favourite ramen store, which happened to be on a special holiday, so she couldn't eat tonkatsu soy sauce ramen.
Announcement corner. KanaTomo was surprised that rehearsals for their independent tour hadn't started, and Taguchi-san was like 'Internal criticism?'
But KanaTomo's had a look at the setlist and she's like 'It's sugoi, yabai'.
'Hello! Shop A Thousand and One Nights~The 4th Night~' Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko's 1st time 'Kanazawa Tomoko's 10 songs' ended without a hitch, the person herself is relieved.
Q1: Why do you use something peculiar to end your sentences?
Do I? Please use 'zo yo'.
Q2: How was it when you went to a maid cafe? Could you please re-enact it for us?
I liked it since there were cute girls.
She re-enacted 'Welcome back mistress!'
Q3: Are you interested in plays and acting? If you had to perform in one, what would you like to do?
I think I'd like to do it, it's odd that I wasn't called for it despite the senpai having to do it
Since I don't want to get a leading role from the start, I'd like to be a silent tree or something, moving roles are difficult.
Q4: What sort of alcoholic drink would you like to try once you turn 20?
Umeshu (plum wine) since I like plums. I hope I don't get too drunk.
Q5: Please tell us about other groups you like that aren't in H!P
Fairies. I'm personally good friends with Mahiro-chan, and when we go to karaoke she'll sing 'Hajimete wo Keikenchuu' by herself.
Q6: Tell us some of KanaTomo-chan's usual haunts
The Yamaokaya chain of ramen restaurants. I often go there, and there's a game centre nearby.
Q7: What is KanaTomo's ambition?
Recently, I've been dreaming about flying in the sky.
I'd like to do skydiving or something like that.
Q8: It's common to hear Kanazawa-san go 'I can see you' but in truth how well can you see?
Though I boast 'I can see you', it's for the sake of appealing. My eyes aren't good, so I wear contacts.
Q9: What's something you'd like to make yourself and sell at a Hello! Shop?
Q10: If you could make your own original merchandise, what would you make and how much would it sell for?
I'd like to sell deodorant for about 300 or 400 yen, and along with a bromide...
Taguchi-san 'We get it!'
Deodorant with bromide 1000 yen
Q11: When do you think 'I'm cute'?
I'm not really the type of person who thinks that way.
But, I was cute in my childhood pictures. I'm not a lolicon.
Q12: Favourite JJ song
'Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimeteyo'. I have a strong imperssion that I portayed all sorts of expressions in it
Q13:  Please say your favourite line from a Juice=Juice song cutely
Kimi no koto Suki da yo (I like you)
Q14: Kanazawa-san has this tyrant character and this sexy character, will you give any explanations to counter those?
I have one. I used to be called child-faced, with a quiet and graceful character.
But when I joined Hello! Pro, people said I was mature. Might be since those around me were child-like.
Q15: Things you particularly want JJ members to fix about themselves
Takagi Sayuki-chan's intense up and down swings in excitement.
She'll be in a bad mood if she can't eat crisps.
Q16: Is it harder to take care of Nuntun or Uemuu?
Uemuu, obviously.
Q17: What was the thing from the bus tour that left the greatest impression
The Special Live.
Since we practised many days for it.
Q18: The most enjoyable thing during the bus tour
The Special Live.
Q19: Something that makes you think you're definitely a B-type
Nothing really.
Q20: What are your thought on Abenomics?
What about it, eh? It's good to free ourselves from deflation, but I can't really say much more than that... so good luck!
Q21: What would you like to talk about if Nuntun could talk?
What he dislikes about me? My intention is to grow closer though.
Q22: Which do you prefer: cute girls or cool girls?
Cute girls. I also like cool girls. I like girls... That sounds a bit off.
Q23: The thing you're obsessed about with your first live tour
Since rehearsals haven't started, I'm going to make a fuss.
Q24: Your favourite monster?
No buts about it, the kappa.
Q25: Nuntun's favourite food? Include a cute episode
Seems like it's the diet food we bought at the hospital. He threw a fit when my father gave him tuna. Also salmon flakes.
Q26: Will you dye your hair?
At the moment, I don't feel like dyeing it.
Q27: What's your finishing move on Karin-chan?
The face she makes when she's asleep is cute. When she's sleeping I open her mouth and put in some sweets.
Q28: What makes being an idol worth doing and gives you motivation
The communication that exists when I get to talk with all of you at an event and through the people who wave red penlights during lives
It made me feel like crying when I saw a sea of red at the bus tour live. Though I didn't cry.
Q29: Something you'd like to do at your first birthday event?
I'd like to sing tons of songs. I'd like to sing all sorts of genre styles
Q30: Do you like the name Tomoko?
Between liking it and disliking it, I'd say I like it. But when I was small I had this issue about the attached 'Ko'.
Q31: How many children would you like in the future?
2. The older one would be a boy, the younger one a girl.
Q32: Who would Kanazawa-san like to fight in hand-to-hand combat?
For hand-to-hand combat, she's at the level where she watches K1 with her father.
When the audience was asked who'd be a good opponent, 'Kumai-chan', 'Maasa' were raised, she replied 'That would be impossible' and settled with Karin-chan in the end.
Q33: The course of your ideal date would be?
It would be good to dress up. I'd like to run in Yoyogi Park. And ramen afterwards.
Honestly staying at home would be all right, we could play Yo-Kai Watch or watch a DVD.
Q34: What do you wear to sleep?
Grey sweats top and bottom, and a completely red jersey bought when I was in senior high.
The jersey is heavenly snug.
I sleep facing the wall.
Q35: Are you on good terms with Nuntun?
I like him, but it's like he can't bear with my affection.
Q36: Recently production projects have been popular with members, what's something you'd like the Juice=Juice members to use?
Since leader Miyazaki Yuka-chan's selfies are girlish, a lecture on girlishness.
Q37: Have you gone to check out idols ever since you joined Juice=Juice? If not, what was the last event you went to?
I haven't gone to any since I joined Juice=Juice.
The last I went to was to go and watch Fairies at a neighbourhood department store.
Q38: What if you were to come up with a solo event?
A gathering to talk about the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. Since there are lots of cuties.
Q39: Make an acrostic about Kanazawa Tomoko's good points using 'Ka-Na-Za-Wa'
ZAA Idol na
(Me, the idol who can do anything stylishly)
Q40: What's the scariest experience you've had so far?
Before this, I slipped at the station, I've got a plaster on it, but it still hurts.
Q41: Why did you choose to go for the sciences?
There was one class for the sciences while the others were humanities, but as I only had one friend and she chose sciences, I went together with her.
Q42: What's your current obsession?
Final Fantasy.
When we're commuting it's Final Fantasy or mahjong.
Q43: Kanazawa-san's the stay-at-home type, but if you had to go out to play, would you choose the mountains or the sea?
Home. If I had to go then I'd go to the sea and battle jellyfish.
Q44: Current punching power? Targeted punching power?
I have no idea since I don't those those punching games. Goal is 300.
Q45: Express with your body the extent you like Suzuki Airi-san
Sugoi Yabai.
Q46: Please tell us a recent tyrant incident
I went to buy a replacement for my broken portable DVD player. The lid of the new one wouldn't open so I gave it a couple of whacks, and it opened.
Since I thought it was broken, it was okay to hit it.
Q47: Quite a while has passed since Naruchika, but did you come to respect Tsugunaga-san?
Tsugunaga-san's amazing. She's just the same behind the scenes, saying things like 'I won't eat anything besides strawberry cake!'
Q48: Kanazawa-san prefers to be alone, but what do you find is the most difficult thing to do alone?
Recently, despite being a loner, I've been dragging Takagi Sayuki or Uemura Akari along.
I go for yakiniku alone but not for solo karaoke.
Q49: How is Sayuki-chan recently?
She's cute, you know. She's cute. This isn't on Twitter, right?
Her cheeks are so cute I want to squish them from the side. Like a pet.
But I won't tell the person herself that she's cute. Since she'd get cocky.
Q50: What sort of job would you be doing if you weren't in Juice=Juice?
Normally I'd say some sort of government servant, an alternative answer would be that I'd like to try working in a factory's assembly line.
Taguchi-san mentions that it sounds tough, so she should change it to working in a ramen store or a yakiniku store.
When the '48' flashed on the screen during the 48th question, KanaTomo-san went 'Forty Eight!' (in English)
And then Taguchi-san was like 'It's difficult to comment on that.'

Didn't know what I was getting to when I first started translating these... but it was a fun ride. Considered making running commentary or explanations on some points, but there's more than enough to go around

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