Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dressing up Duu

[Note: If anyone has a source, please hit me up.]

S: くどぅー
K: ええーっ
S: 恥ずかしいの?おっかしいなぁ
K: だってぇ。。。いつもフリフリの恥ずかしいのばっかりじゃなういですかぁ
(Meido) S:かわいいーッ
すっごく似合ってるわよ (えー)
(Loli) S: 恥ずかしいのね?
そう!その表情よ (うう、)
(Bikini) S:ハァハァ (やだよー)
S: つっ。。。次はさゆみをペットにして
K: どこまで変態なんすかぁ!!

S: Kudou, put this on
K: What, again?
S: Does it embarrass you?  That's strange, aren't you a girl?
K: But it's always nothing but embarrassing, frilly clothes
(Maid) S: Cute, it really suits you
(Lolita) S: Embarrassing, isn't it? Yes, that facial expression <3
(Bikini) S: A bikini suits you too!
S: N, n, next make me into your pet. Then we could go on and play horsey
K: To what extent will your perversions continue?

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