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℃-ute Suzuki Airi 「Although I was exposed…」 Her photo book commemorating her twentieth, done with a slightly mature feel

In the midst of many activities, Suzuki Airi, member of popular idol group「℃-ute」, held a commemoration event for the release of her photo book 『Kyoumei-KYOMEI-』(Wani Books)。
24th April 2014(Thurs) Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store
◆ How does it feel to have released this photo book?
「This photo book went on sale on my twentieth birthday、 and I'd say that there are plenty of shots where I appear more mature than usual」
◆ How did the contents turn out?
「This time, the photo shoot was done in Singapore。 Having turned twenty, it doesn't feel like I've become overtly mature.  There's a balance in what's included, with the usual make-up-free face in it, and also included are cuts which have me appearing more mature than usual, so if you were to take a look at it, both aspects are there」
◆ How was Singapore?
「It was the first time I was there、 but I got to see the merlion、 and I got to go to all sorts of places like Chinatown and and Arab Street、 so it felt like I had gone to various countries in one shot。 Since we went there for quite a while、 we were able to get the photo shoot done without stressing out, taking our own sweet time」
◆ Did you eat anything good?
「The chicken rice was delicious! I also went to have medicinal herb hotpot, which was spicy、 but it was really delicious, plus it seems that it's good for your health」
◆ You ate quite a bit?
「I had my fill (laughs) When we were doing the photo shoot, I was thinking that I should hold back as [my stomach] would stick out、 but since we were at a a place that I'd normally never have the chance to go to, I ended up eating anyway (lol)」
◆ Please tell us your favourite page。
「It's in the same outfit as the front cover、 but I'm lying on the bed, and it feels like the shots were freely taken. The clothes are mature-ish、 but I think it's nice that it captures me doing something that's very like my usual self」
◆ It feels bold, with your hips showing。
「Although I was pretty exposed、  this is the first time I've been told that it's bold、 but it's a cut where I didn't mind too much and enjoyed myself when we did the shoot」
◆ How many marks would you give this photo book?
「Marks!?  I can't really give it marks(laughs) I can't evaluate it myself、 but it'd make me happy if those who have a look at it were to tell me that they'd give it 100 marks、 although since I'm twenty, I'd be even happier if I was told that they'd give it 200 marks (laughs)」
◆ Have the members seen it?
「They've had a look at it。 When I got the photo book, all the members were there and they got to see it、 they said that it seemed mature」
◆ How does it feel to have turned twenty?
「Honestly、 it's said that something changes when you turn twenty、 but I don't feel like anything's changed yet、 but when my parents told me 「Now that you've turned twenty, please take responsibility of your own life as an adult」, it weighed heavily in my heart、 so I'll be living my daily life while being concious of that」
◆ How did you spend your birthday?
「Since my mother's birthday is the day before mine、 I celebrated it together with my family」
◆ What did you receive as a present?
「I received a necklace and a pinky ring and a necklace from both my parents」
◆ What did you give to your mother?
「My mother's shoulders often get stiff、 so I made a trip to a store that specialises in stiff shoulders、 and gave her a device that mitigates stiff shoulders as a present(laughs)」
◆ Anything from the members?
「I did get something。 Yesterday、 heading for what I was told was an interview for work、 the members held a surprise party for me。 Our manager-san led the way and we walked quite a bit、 and when the door was opened at the place, crackers were popped and I was told 「Have the day off today」。 I hadn't noticed at all, and there we had a party and ate yakiniku、 so yesterday I was in a state of euphoria、 and I also received clothes and accessories as presents」
◆ Is there anything that has made you think that you've become an adult?
「Not really(laughs) But compared to ages ago, I've become more able to do housework。 I don't really have this feeling of wanting to immediately be an adult、 so I think it's better if I just go along with the flow of time as I am」
◆ Is there anything you'd like to try out?
「It's not because I've turned twenty、 but even from ages ago I've wanted to be able to converse in English、 but I've come to this point lacking practice 、so now that I'm at this turning-point age of twenty, I'd like to start giving it another try」
◆ Do you want to go overseas?
「I've been saying that since ages ago、 in the future、 it'd be better if I understood English at times when I think up lyrics、 and since a lot of my friends can speak English, I feel a bit behind, and I'm in a bit of a rush to catch up。 I want definitely want to speak well、 and since I'm brimming with curiosity, I'd like to do all of the things that I want to do」
◆ Now that you've turned twenty、 have you had a taste of alcohol, or have you yet to do so?
「I drank with my father。 I decided that when I turned twenty, the very first person I'd have a drink of alcohol with would be my father, so I drank with my father、 but it seems that I'm not good with it, as it made me drowsy(laughs)」
◆ What sort of alcohol did you drink?
「I drank a mouthful of the champagne that my father had prepared、 but I couldn't get used to the taste and didn't like it, so I didn't really drink much、 and after that I drank some juice-like alcohol」
◆ Now that you've turned twenty, have you had any thoughts or become interested in romance。
「I've been in this business for 13 years and have always had it in mind for more than half my life、and so my feelings won't change、 just because I've turned twenty」
◆ There's still some time to marriage?
「From about 3 years ago, the members of ℃-ute talked about things like 「 If we got married and gave birth、 then it seems like this person's kid and that person's kid would get into quarrels」、 we've had several chats where we've talked about similar, girly, wild fancies」
◆ At what age would you like to get married?
「I don't really have such a specific desire、 but there are still so many things that I want to do、 so firstly I think that I'd like to do a lot of the things that I want to do first。 I've never thought about things like marriage(laughs)」
◆ Your senpai Takahashi Ai-san recently got married。
「Congratulations! She's the senpai I most revere、 so seeing a Takahashi-san different from how I remember her, dancing and singing、 it makes me feel happy」
◆ How is university life?
「I'm getting pretty used to it。 When I started last year, I started by asking 「What is a course enrolment?」、 so when I think back about this time last year, I feel that “Even though I was that lost, I started naturally in April”。 Since the birthday of my best friend from university is in April、 I held a birthday party for her、 and I really enjoyed it when I got support from her friends as well」
◆ Is your objective to attain something like a teaching qualification, similar to Tsugunaga-san?
「Since I'm not in the education department、 I'm not thinking about a teaching qualification、 but in order to be better in the musical activities that I'm currently active in, I think it would be great if I could study that further。 I tried to get a qualification from U-Can、 but I couldn't stick to it and so didn't continue with it at all…(laughs) My penmanship with a ball point hasn't progressed at all…」
◆ Finally, please give some PR for your photo book。
「For myself  、Suzuki Airi、this photo book is in commemoration of my twentieth birthday。 The title is 『Kyoumei』、 and this time we had a photo shoot in Singapore、 there are cuts where I look slightly more mature than I have before、 as well as cuts which seem very much as I usually am、 you can see various aspects of Suzuki Airi、 so please check it out。 I'm counting on you」

Suzuki Airi Photo book『Kyoumei-KYOMEI-』
Photographer :Nishida Kouki
Format :A4 size、 hard cover、112 pages
Price:2,778 yen + tax
Supplement :Making-of DVD
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(Photos・Article : Kazama Naoto - 風間直人)
Source: Idol Tanjou TV! (more photos there)

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