Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Let sleeping Yasshis lie

May 6th Nakano Night Evolution Tour
Topic: Waking up


Sayashi「Electronic sounds don't wake me up. I can't wake up unless it's with an alarm that rings mechanically

Ishida「Previously, at a hotel, when I was in the same room as Sayashi-san, she said to me 『Ayumi-chan, wake me up tomorrow kay』,  so when I tried waking her up the next morning・・・
『(Brusquely shaking her hands)Shuddup!』」(Audience laughs)

Oda「Me too. When I tried waking up Sayashi-san when she was next to me on the Shinkansen, she said 『Wake me up when we have to split』
When we arrived at the station, Sayashi-san was still sleeping after I had gotten out of my seat、 so when I woke her up she was in a rush, going『Wake me up sooner!』」(Audience laughs)

Sayashi「Sorry、 I don't remember either of those happening」

Ishida「You know、 Sayashi-san picks and chooses people。 If it was Michishige-san waking her up
At first she'd be irritated but once she's confirmed with her own eyes that it's Michishige-san、she's all  『Ah、 my bad』」(Roar of laughter from the audience)

Oda「Basically, it's like she assumes that kind of behaviour towards us」

Sayashi「・・・I can't do anything but admit that」(Audience laughs)

Source (#93)

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