Friday, 23 May 2014

Miyamoto Karin talks about her first photo book in UTB

The melody of the tears of the sun
Juice=Juice's ace Miyamoto Karin's first solo photo book is scheduled to be released in June!!
Being her first time appearing on the cover and opening pages of this magazine,
Even this doll-like, quiet girl was extremely excited!

A book packed full of dreams from since I was young!

{Trans note: Having gone through it again, I feel that if you ignore the writer's input (in bold below), the interview actually becomes coherent. Because honestly, the parts where the writer comes in just makes this whole thing... odd.}

In her first photo book, she appears in a swimsuit for the first time. This time around, we'll be publishing precious, never-seen-before cuts that aren't being used in the photo book!!! 

'I get told "We hope you come out with a photo book soon~" by the fans, but I never thought the day would come where I would see it!! I'm really happy '

With the photo shoot being done in Okinawa, her first visit there, the refreshing scenery was stoic beyond  imagination (sweats). For example!

'I woke up two hours earlier before the scheduled rising time, and sang and danced at least 3 Juice=Juice songs! Just as intensely as I would in a live performance!!'

But with a day's worth of shooting, didn't you think that you'd like to get some restful sleep in the morning?

'Not with my half-asleep face! The flow of sweat reduces the swelling!!'

Doesn't your face change since there's no time to rest while moving around? How do you deal with that?

'I use a face roller to keep my face refreshed. It's an item that's indispensable before a photo shoot, for the lymph at the back of the neck...'

...Um, you are Miyamoto-san, right? Not Matsuoka Shuzo-san, right (laughs)?

'I was active as part of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei ever since I was in primary school, and I also worried about being unable to début. At the time, I yearned for the time when I would début and be able to come out with a photo book just like the senpais...'

Ah, yup... Is that so.

'Since it's the solo photo book I've seen only in my dreams, I wanted the photos to be taken when I'm at my absolute cutest (her large-pupilled eyes tearing up)'

For thinking that your composed face was unexpectedly sultry... I apologise  (cry)!!

'It's become a precious book that's packed full of the dreams I had ever since I was young. I want people who don't know of me to see it, and I'd be pleased as punch if they came to be interested in Juice=Juice!'

Such a good kid, it makes me even more regretful of my previous utterance (cry). Different from when she's onstage, it's loaded with the charms of this lovely girl!! Strongly recommended!! (<- Attempting to make up with this passionate announcement!!)

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