Thursday, 26 February 2015

Twitter Tidbits: Juice=Juice confess to Sudo Maasa

Confessions of love to Berryz Kobo, day 4.

Today, it's Berryz Kobo's number 1 Cool Beauty, Sudo Maasa.

And with that, beauties adorned in yukata, the pride of Japan!

Miyazaki: Sudo-san often talked to me ♥ She's really cool when she's silent, yet she becomes so lovely when she's laughing with a smile...
I love that difference

Kanazawa: She's really kind, and Sudo-san is always candid when talking to us! I love you ♥︎♡

Takagi: At the Hello! Cons, you'd go 'This is delicious!', I'd go 'Aah', and you'd feed me the food (*_*) You're always kind!

Miyamoto: For the stage-play, we talked together about our parts... The present you got me for my birthday, it's my treasure ♥ I love the always kind Sudo-san ♥

Uemura: Sudo-san's image colour, blue, really suits her, it's lovely! I love her face when she's laughing ♥

And with that, today's confessions have ended without incident.

The Berryz Kobo Matsuri is coming up this weekend.
5 days until the Budokan...

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