Tuesday, 17 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #11 Hagiwara Mai

Packed full of Daaishi feeling, Ishida Ayumi passes the blog relay to Hagiwara MaiMai.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

Well then! The blog relay has come around to me!

The blog relay!
En route to the  『HinaFes』 on  28th and 29th of March、

With a theme of 「Is This Just Me・・・?」
It's a project that goes around our blogs、 from one member of Hello! Project to another!!

And so it's come to me from Ishida-chan!

Ishida-chan! Recently you've become even cuter

You're kind of grown-up!!!
Cutting your hair really was the right choice!

Ishida-chan's really cute when she appears on-screen at the Hello! Cons, I always think how cute she is when I see her!!!

Well! Is this just me? Right。。。


What can I say。 I don't know

But I guess it'd be that I start drying my hair with the hairdryer set to warm
And end with it set at cool??

Do all of you do it?? lol

It seems that your hair doesn't get damaged if you do that
And it's harder to mess up your hair while sleepingーー lol

Something like that?

Next will be ANGERME's Tamura Meimi-chan

MeiMei is a girl that says she likes Mai (^o^)/* lol

Wellー I'm grateful that she says that she likes someone like Mai (>_<) lol

Even thought there are wonderful girls who are completeーly more attractive than Mai (>_<)(>_<)

Thank you

And MeiMei、 she's courteous and a really nice girl~

I think that suchー girlsー are wonderful
I think I should follow her example!

Well, I'm leaving this to MeiMeiー(^o^)/*

I don't have any photos with MeiMei

It's such a pity (>_<) I'll take some next time we meetー (>_<)

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