Thursday, 12 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #7 Inaba Manaka

From 1st gen H!P Egg Fukuda Kanon, the baton gets passed to 19th generation Kenshuusei Inaba Manaka!

While Maro posted hers at noon, Manakan's blog post that night had this little post-script:

I'll write for the blog relay
Tomorrow( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

After a long night, here's Manakan's entry in the relay:

(Original blog post in Japanese)

First, first!
Today Manaka had
Another! Photo shoot
As part of
Country Girls ( ´艸`)

Everyone, please look forward to it

Today was tons of fun♡
We were together with Momochi-senpai as well ♪

And, anddddd

The main topic, the blog relay

Yesterday ANGERME's Fukuda Kanon-san
Passed the baton along to me ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It was the first time
I took a photo with Fukuda-san

Fufufu ♪

I think that Fukuda-san with her skill at singing
Is a really cute person ♡

I've watched the videos of S/mileage-san
During the starting members stage
Countless times‥…

I'm grateful, I'm grateful


I've gone to
A Mobekimasu-san event before (*´∀`)

And at that time!!

I got to shake hands with Fukuda-san!!


I said it, I said it (lol)

But I think that Fukuda-san doesn't know that
Next time I'll try talking about it ( ̄∀ ̄) lol

This time around‥

【Is It Just Me‥?】

Is the topic。

Thinking about it
Unexpectedly, I've got several (^^)

But all of them are completely embarrassing

This is something
Pretty embarrassing too‥…

But once and for all!!!!!!

【I yawn when I get nervous】



Like thatー。 lolol

Normally、 yawning when you're nervous
Gives off a completely different vibe
But Manaka comes out with
A huge yawn \(´O`/)°゜゚

When we had a learning recital during kindergarten
While the girl next to me was reading out her lines
I let out a huge yawn next to her
Manaka was caught on video lol

But it turned out pretty well!

But even now
For example, before concerts、 it often happens。 lol

If you happen to see me
Yawning in the middle of a concert
It's not because I'm sleepy!
It doesn't mean I'm off my guard!
I'm nervous!!

That's what you can think、、lol

I guess this is pretty much just me?。

Seems like a small problem。 Something like this‥

I wonder if it could be a lack of oxygen?

And with that, the next blog relay will be
Morning Musume。'15's
Ogata Haruna-chan ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Ogata-chan always has
Really funny stories
It's fun (灬ơ₃ơ)ノ~

I want to talk more with her~

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