Saturday, 21 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #15 Nakanishi Kana

Swimming along from Nakajima Saki, the blog relay floats up to Nakanishi Kana.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The blog relay has come along to me

From Nakajima Saki-san!

It makes me really happy that she mentioned my mental arithmetic

I'll do my best!
Thank you very much

I really envy Nakajima-san's figure!

Also、 even though her singing voice is cute and transparent, her dancing is sharp and cool、 it's amazing

Previously, when I got to go to ℃-ute-san's concert, I waved an aqua glowstick

It would be great if we could talk a lot more!

And、 thinking about 'Is It Just Me?'、、、

What could it be?

I get really nervous lol

I'm good-for-nothing!


When talking, I'll end up arbitrarily thinking in all sorts of directions, positively and negatively

As a result, lots of fanciful stories appear in my dreams!

What's more, they're really amusing, if I do say so myself

I talked about my dreams being amusing in a previous interview lol

I enjoyed making my own books when I was small、

I love thinking up stories!

Hehe。 lol

Next it'll go around to Morning Musume。'15's Nonaka Miki-chan!

I really like the 12th gen members

Nonaka-chan's always smiling, and her greetings are spirited, which leaves an impression

Also, her singing is really good!

It's amazing how well her voice is through the mike!

She can speak English, there's lots of things I respect about her

The dimples that appear when Nonaka-chan speaks are really cute

I beg your kindness from now on too

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