Wednesday, 18 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #12 Tamura Meimi

From the Hagiwara Mai, the youngest kid in the H!P Kids, the blog relay arrives at the youngest kid in AMeRiKa, Tamura Meimi.

(Original blog post in Japanese)

The blog relay has come along to me!

The baton has been passed to me by Hagiwara Mai-san、 Hagiwara-san is a senpai I love、、 But I haven't talked with her at all!!

It worries me、 it's always been like that even until today!

Hagiwara-san… Her presence、 well、 she's like an angel。

For me、 during Hello! Cons、seeing Hagiwara-san from the wings of the stage as she does the 'stepping on the weighing scale' move when the lyrics go 'Taijyuukei notte nan ja korya nan ja korya?' (Step on the scales and- What the heck, what the heck?)、 I always think that she's like an angel。

But recently there's a lot of people who like Hagiwara-san、 who say that she's a senpai they look up to。

A beauty who can have all her hair tied up in a ponytail、 that's a true beauty (ノ▽〃)

Hagiwara-san's really kind!

From when I joined、 she talks to me gently、 she's truly kind、 a wonderful senpai!

Recently、 something that's made me think 'Just me?'、 that would be rucksacks!

I shorten the shoulder straps of my rucksack、 trying to carry it on my back as much as possible、 but the other day Take-chan was like 'That's weird~。' and lengthened them。

But when I was in middle high school、 I got into this habit of having to shorten it due to the trauma of my teacher getting mad!、 I kind of can't calm down、、、

Is this just me???

Well then、 next to pick up the baton will be Makino Maria-chan!

Maria-chan is super cute!

She comes running to greet me with a smile on her face。

That makes me really happy...

She's got a good figure、 she's high-spirited、 she's cute...

The idol image that I yearn for (ノ▽〃)

I love Maria-chan~っ。

Meeting Maria-chan makes Meimi happy!

I don't have photos of Hagiwara-san nor Maria-chan、 so here's a photo of Wada-san。 lol

Cute like Hagiwara-san、 looks like Maria-chan from the back、 a photo of Wada-san。 lol

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