Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Twitter Tidbits: Juice=Juice confess to Kumai Yurina

Confessions of love towards Berryz Kobo, day 2!

Miyazaki: The happy expression on your face when you're doing your 'Kumaranai Hanashi' on radio is really lovely
I love the way you speak so gently

Kanazawa: Kumai-san has an outstanding figure, and it's amazing how she looks lovely no matter what she's wearing ♥ ♥

Uemura: Since I made my debut, I've often been told that 'You resemble Kumai-san!', which makes me really happy! When you've got bangs like you do now, or when they're parted, both hairstyles suit you! ♥

Today we're sending confessions to the Sky Tree of the Idol World, Kumai Yurina!

Takagi: A senpai who's gentle and really easy to talk to. When our eyes meet, she gives me a smile!

Miyamoto: At the Naruchika MCs, she looks up things about the place we're at, which is amazing, and I respect her for that! I wish I could have her figure! Kumai-san, I love you ♥

Bonus Maro!
This is Fukuda Kanon ♥ Ohanyon! This shot is after I cried at the final dinner gathering with Berryz Kobo-san, Berryz-san were looking at me while teasing me somewhat. lol
#ANGERME #angerme #Life-longBeriWota #SuperUgly

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