Monday, 23 February 2015

Twitter Tidbits #10 - Juice=Juice confess to Sugaya Risako

There's only a short while until the day our beloved senpai Berryz Kobo enter their indefinite hiatus.

To those beloved senpai, every day, Juice=Juice would like to confess their gratitude and suppecial love.

{And today, the girls' confession target will be Risako}

Yuka & KanaTomo

Yuka: You talked a lot with me at the Naruchika tour! I love the really kind and wonderful Sugaya-san

Tomoko: I love your doll-like looks and your soulful voice ♥♥

Sayuki & Karin

Sayuki: Truly a princess (*_*)♡ Yet Sugaya-san's kind and friendly… My respect

Karin: I was well fawned on at stage-plays and the Naruchika! I love Sugaya-san, with her powerful voice and her sexy beauty

Akari: Thank you very much for helping we out with making omurice! The memory of us making it together makes me indescribably happy ♥ I love your singing

And with that, today
We confessed out love towards
Berryz Kobo's princess, Sugaya Risako

... The time limit was one minute... That was close...

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