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1001 Nights - The 16th Night: 100 Questions to Yajima Maimi (Part 2)

Continuing on the 1001 Nights series of Hello! Shop events, it's H!P Leader Yajima Maim's turn at-bat! Held on the 30th of January 2015, the event's theme was '100 questions to Yajima Maimi'. The event's Twitter hashtag was .

This second part will cover questions 51 and beyond. The first 50 questions were already covered in a previous update.

Virtually all of these answers came from @tozamasan, so I'll just be linking his tweets in the question number. Here's a log of tweets of the event.

Again, usual disclaimer applies - These come from tweets that summarise what Maimi talked about during the event, and they're being translated, which only adds to the miscommunication potential.

For translations of previous entries in this series of Hello! Shop talk shows, see KanaTomo's (My translationJicchan's on the 50 questions), Sayu's (excerpts from Wota in Translation), Fuku-chan's (50 questions), Airi's (first partsecond part), and Captain & Miyabi's.

Q51 What if, as H!P leader, you had the special privilege of forming a unit?
It'd be a 4 member group called 'MukiMoni' (T/N: 'Muki' means 'muscular')
The members would be Yajima Maimi, Miyazaki-san, Ikuta-san, Ishida-san
Nishiguchi: What if you can't give it the name "MukiMoni"?
Yajima: MachoMoni
Q51 cont
MukiMoni would have outfits that bare their bellybuttons and their dances would incorporate muscle training

Q52  An ideal story you'd like to do on radio.
I don't read shojo manga, so if I could do a story from ℃-ute's music, it'd be 3 Ban Home 3 Ryome

Q53 Where would you like to go on bicycle?
Nikko Toshogu is on equal footing with Kunouzan
It's very mountainous but I want to do it as MukiMoni

Q54 What's something you've broken recently?
Like I said, nothing!
(When asked about the biggest thing she's aware of breaking)
I made a hole in the walls of my home
My brother's muscle training equipment was in the way, so I was tidying it up when I made a hole

Q55 Your favourite unit within H!P, from the perspective of a fan
Eh, what should I do?
I want to bring up Country Girls with their current innocence

Q56 What's something you haven't been frank about?
Fundamentally, I speak about anything with everyone
I write long blog posts, so I think you know everything
I don't have anything I'm holding back! Do I?
Nishiguchi: They're asking since they don't know
Maimi: I don't keep secrets!

Q57 What sort of hobby-like sport - like skiing, snowboarding, or airsoft - would you like to try?
Nishiguchi: You didn't need to include airsoft
The one where we can submerge in the coral
Scuba diving

Q58 I want to hear your leadership philosophy. I'd like to know how you tell off the juniors
As a leader, you can't go with the flow.

Q59 A Yajima-san oshi in my circle of friends is getting married, so could we get a congratulatory comment?
Please convey my congratulations
Nishiguchi: Since he's oshihen-ing  by getting married
Yajima: I lost!

Q60 What's the secret to enjoying everything?
Not getting tired of things
When I meet up with friends and we're waiting in a queue, it's normal for them to say 'I'm tired'
Even when I went to an amusement park with the members, everyone seemed tired while we were in lines, but I wasn't
Q60 cont
It's not tough for me when my friend who's often tardy contacts me to tell me to wait somewhere warm
I don't dislike life
I enjoy it without getting tired of it

Q61 What made you laugh the most this year?
Berryz and ℃-ute met up in our private time for the first time
We had a meal and played Werewolf, it was fun
Everyone took off their shoes, so it was relaxed and enjoyable
We spent about 5 hours

Q62 When you turn 26, who would you like to sing '16sai no Koi nante' with?
There's only 2 people who have a 10 year age gap, Funaki-chan and Ozeki Mai-chan (T/N: Maimi forgot Haga-chan >_<)
I'd like to sing with either of them
Q62 cont
Girls who were born at the time I was auditioning have joined, huh

Q63 If you were to hang out with Ikuta Erina-chan, what would you do?
But I'm really bad at it though
Ikuta-chan's good at it, so I'd like her to train me

Q64 What's something embarrassing that happened during your solo activities that even the members don't know about
Do I have any? Eh!?
What had me really flustered was when I was singing 'Makenaide' at a solo event, I couldn't sing the lyrics of the last chorus, and I still couldn't sing it when I tried singing it again

Q65 Tell us a behind-the-scenes story from the Hello! Con
As a surprise, when the Hello! Con opened, Makoto-san gave me comments from various members and staff

Q66 What's a recent episode where you got seriously angry?
There isn't any...No-thing
Don't think there are any-, what could it be?
Nishiguchi: Enjoying life and not getting angry. Isn't that great! With the exception of the rainfall

Q67 How did it feel to give a pep-talk as Hello! Pro leader?
It's traditional, so I did the 'Dancing Singing' and did the 'Hajikeruzoi' as ℃-ute

Q68 Which senpai should the new members be careful of? Besides Tsugunaga Momoko
She touches your butt
She does it to the juniors
The younger they are, the bigger a target they are

Q69 How crazy is ℃-ute's muscle training?
It was crazy at one point
The toughest was when the 5 of us had to line up pens in a star shape
We had to pass them along and move to a different position so if we couldn't get 3 put together, it wouldn't end

Q70 My tummy is flabby. How do I get a six-pack?
Do sit-ups! 100 times a day
I'm used to lying down and stretching about 10 cm through ℃-ute's lessons
Not just  ℃-ute, everyone in Hello! does it

Q71 Is there a woman you look up to?
My mother
She's strong. No six-pack, but plump

Q72 If there was an athletic meet, which member do you think would give a good fight?
I've heard that Miyazaki-chan can do 50m in 6 seconds
Also, Akari-chan has good reflexes
And Makino-chan and Sasaki-chan seem strong

Q73 Where would you like to go in Hokkaido? Between Airi and Mai-chan, who'd you go with?
I want to see the snow festival
Wouldn't it be all right for the 3 of us members to go!?
The 3 of us have been saying that we want to go travelling together since middle school, and the other day Airi's Mama said that we should go this year, and my own Mama said the same

Q74 What do you want to do if you get a long break
I want to go overseas
I want to go there... Close to paradise
Nishiguchi: New Caledonia, right?

Q75 At home, do you refer to yourself as 'Watashi'?
I use 'Watashi' or 'Watashi'
Nishiguchi: Is there a difference between the intonations?
When I was small, I used 'Uchi'

Q76 What concert ideas weren't used?
They were all realised
If I had to say one, we said we wanted to do flying stunts, but we were told not to since it'd be dangerous

Q77 As Leader, what do you think of the situation where people are increasingly oshihen-ing to new members?
I wouldn't notice unless I was told
Everyone likes the young ones, huh
Follow me even when I've become an old lady
Q77 cont
(Nishiguchi: Is there anyone who's moved from Yajima-san?
Obviously no hands were raised
Yajima: There must have been people who got startled by that question, right?)

Q78 What are ℃-ute's current challenges?
We have to raise the parts we're good at when performing at tours
We'd like to think about things to bring even more joy than usual
I'd like to think about that
For that, I'd like to think about something new like making a collaboration

Q79 How do you fix your make-up when you have 2 or 3 performances? Do you clean off everything? Or not?
I remove everything
So I have to redo everything
Mai doesn't remove it at all, she doesn't put on things like foundation
Chisato doesn't sweat either

Q80 Where would you like to go overseas as ℃-ute?
New York
I want to go

Q81 Which do you want?
A slender waist like Suzuki Airi-chan
A glamorous body like Fukumura Mizuki-chan
100 million yen in cash

Q82 For each member of ℃-ute, tell us an episode of you getting along with them
With Airi, Hokkaido
With Mai-chan, Hokkaido
Nacky sang in karaoke yesterday even though Nacky doesn't really sing in front of people, so I put in the song for her and passed the mike to her
Q82 cont
Chisato had a recording for Downtown DX yesterday, and she had cup ramen and 2 bentos, going 'Oh my god' while eating them

Q83 What is something that ℃-ute won't lose to other idols in?
Feelings towards concerts
When we open up, it never ends
That's what I want to convey

Q84 What does Yajima-san think an idol is?
How they shine
They're brilliant, aren't they
When I saw Morning Musume。 on TV, they were shining
I'll shine too, I thought

Q85 Is there anything that Maimi-chan has seen that made you think that it wasn't true?
If it seems so even though it's different, then it'd just seem to be a rumour, which is pitiful
And so, don't believe in rumours!

Q86 When do you plan to cut your hair short?
It doesn't mean that I'm planning to do it, but I've thought about how I would cut it short
I want to cut it short like Sasaki-chan, but I think the bangs would definitely get in the way
When I have it short, I want it to be long

Q87 What's the secret behind ℃-ute continuing for 10 years?
Since we've been doing it from small, we don't have any other
The members have talked about not having options if we quit
So we'll continue to run

Q88 If you were to go on a trip, who would you go with and where to?
Chinami, to Hawaii
Berryz went to Okinawa for a preliminary view for their FC event, and they seemed to be having lots of fun when I saw the photos

Q89 What's your goal for the year, or something you want to do?
My goal is to bring up my womanly skills a bit
I don't really cook that much
Even though I'm 23 years old, I know that there's a world out that I've entrusted to my parents

Q90 What song do you want to sing at Yokohama Arena?
Nishiguchi-san: That seems like a spoiler
The provisional setlist for the spring tour has arrived
Since it's that kind of place, I'd like to sing 'Tadoritsuita Onna Senshi'
But I don't know if we'll sing it! (Maimi gets flustered worrying about spoilers)

Q91  If you were reborn, would you still want to be an idol?
What should I do?
If I were reborn, I'd want to become a guy
If I were a guy, I wouldn't be an idol but I'd like to work properly

Q92 Now, what's the thing that's made you the most disgruntled
That everyone's asking about sit-ups and abs
As I pull these questions today, it's 'Abs?' or 'Muscle training?'
Nishiguchi: For today's frustrations, do sit-ups, okay

Q93 Do you enjoy acting?
I enjoy it
I like doing it, and I also like to watch it after it's finished
Since I don't know how it'll turn my part will turn out on television, I watch it to see how it connects
I'm like 'Whoa!' when ℃-ute songs get completed too

Q94 Your favourite new H!P member that you'd like to recommend?
All of them are my cup of tea, but Ogawa-chan is soothing
I always thought she looked like Takei Emi-san
I think that Sasaki Rikako resembles Mizuhara Kiko-san, I'd like her to appear together with a child actor
Also Haga-chan's like Michishige-san when she was small
Q94 cont
(At the mention of Ogawa-san's name, the monitor displayed a photo of the members of the new unit
Seeing that, Maimi talked about the impression she had of Hamaura Ayano-chan wearing a light blue outfit a long time ago, and without Maimi realising, she's become a girl with a nice figure)

Q95 What the difference when you compare the new members with yourself at that time?
They're plucky
It was impossible for me to talk with the senpai, and I feel like their thoughts are forward-looking

Q96 Tell us of a time you thought you were malicious.
Unexpectedly, I like teasing and I like messing with people
But I pick targets properly, since I worry about hurting people
Q96 cont
I like Maasa when we BeriKyuu played Werewolf
Since we wanted to play on the Shinkansen, so LINE was used to have the werewolves communicate, but Nacky would always be doubted and be the first to die
Nacky went 'It's okay, even if I die'

Q97 Which hairdo do you want to do, and which don't you?
Buzz cut, Afro, Pompadour, Mohican, Topknot, Momochi Musubi, Sadako hair
Momochi's included in there, huh
I don't want to do any of them

Q98 What sort of fans are good?
There's nothing I'm picky about, but for girls, girls that get slightly embarrassed when dancing are cute

Q99 (T/N: I'm not even sure what the question means for this one. Again, advice would be appreciated.)

Q100 What's a cute, recent story about Toilette?
She's cute
She's tidy, and she immediately tells you when she's used the toilet
Because she was howling on top of the spread out mat inside her cage, I knew she had gone to the toilet, she thought perhaps it wouldn't come to light but when I turned around, it definitely got exposed

((*) It was around this time when the monitor showing the current question number stopped working, and they just continued like that
Seeing the situation, Maimi went 'Something I broke recently. Monitor.')

Q101 Tell us a story of failing as Hello! Pro Leader?
Fumbling my words when we gathered in a circle
But I still haven't said 「Morning Musume。'14」 nor 「S/mileage」

Q102 Idols you recommend outside of H!P
Green Nantoka-san (T/N: 'Nantoka' means roughly 'something-or-the-other', so it might not be the actual group's name. Maimi was probably trying to deal with a delicate situation here)
They're a group that's really good at singing
℃-ute talked about how good their singing was

Q103 Foreign country you'd like to go to?
New Caledonia

Q104 If you lose sight of the members in the middle of a forest, who's the first person you look for?
I guess Mai-chan, it doesn't seem like she can live alone
Airi and Chisato seem like they can survive
Nacky seems like she'd use her wisdom


(*) Maimi enjoys receiving encouragement from different angles at Hello! Cons
'Ah, that person is wearing a T-shirt of that colour from that unit'

(*) Maimi also watches the 1st floor, and it makes her happy to see those on the 1st floor also waving their hands

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