Sunday, 15 February 2015

”Berryz Kobo”, the idols loved by Thailand, interviewed in Bangkok

Berryz Kobo have held 2 performances so far in Bangkok、 they've covered a song by Thai national singer Bird McIntyre (『cha cha SING』)、 they're known to be idols deeply acquainted with Thailand。 These girls have announced that they'll enter an indefinite hiatus on the 3rd of March 2015、 and even the fans in Thailand were enveloped in grief。

In the midst of that、 it was announced that the members of Berryz Kobo would be making an appearance starring as themselves in the Thai film 「「The One Ticket Tua Por… Reak Por(The One Ticket ตัวพ่อ...เรียกพ่อ)」、 to the great joy of fans。 In addition to that、 it was announced that they would be holding a live event 『Berryz Kobo NARUCHIKA 2015 in Bangkok』、 a huge, final gift for the Thai fans。

The day before the concert on the 3rd of February、 we heard what all the members had to say in a hotel in Bangkok。

-- Did you know that after you had your Bangkok concert in 2013、 Japan exempted Thai nationals from requiring tourist visas?

All  Eh~、 we didn't know about that!
--From July 2013, it became easy to go to Japan without a visa、 so the number of Thai tourists increased greatly、 have there been times in Japan where you were greeted by Thai fans?

Tsugunaga Momoko-san  They come for handshake events、 little-by-little (laughs

--What do you talk about?

Tsugunaga Momoko-san  Things like 「I'm cheering you on」 or 「You're cute」 or 「I'm going to your concert」。 When those people found out that we would be holding this Thai concert  、 they told us  「Have fun sightseeing in Thailand」。

-- As a cultural bridge between Japan and Thailand、 you've flourished、 but this time、 your indefinite hiatus has brought sadness to the Thai fans and dance cover teams…。

Natsuyaki Miyabi-san  Even with Berryz Kobo going on hiatus、 I think that our juniors will definitely still sing 『cha cha SING』 at Hello! Cons after that、 so it'd make me happy if you'd dance together to that。

-- You appeared on the Thai film 『The One Ticket』、 how was the shooting?

Sugaya Risako-san  The shooting was done in Japan、 but the it was with this small girl, UK-chan, and Dan-san, who was playing her father、 the place was wrapped in this really warm mood、 and we got along really well with UK-chan、 it was a really enjoyable shoot location。

--After that、 did you not get to meet UK-chan?

All  Yes。 We definitely want to meet UK-chan again。

※They managed to meet again with the stars Dan-san and UK-chan at the event the next day!

--Did you have any memories of Thailand in Japan?

Shimizu Saki-san  The water spinach I ate at Thailand was so delicious that it left an impression on me、 when I went to the supermarket、 I tried looking for water spinach at the leafy corner。

--You can find water spinach in Japan, right。

Shimizu Saki-san  Yes、 they sell it! I'd never seen it before then、 but I found it for the first time at the supermarket, bought it without thinking、 and tried preparing it at home。

All  Ehー、 that's amaーzing!

--How did it turn out?

Shimizu Saki-san  It was delicious!

Tokunaga Chinami-san  I really like the taengmoo in Thailand!

--You're talking about Taengmoo, watermelons, right!

Tokunaga Chinami-san  Yup! I like it so much that I have countless cups of watermelon juice each day while I'm in Thailand、 so when they started selling watermelons at the supermarket in summer, it reminded me of Thailand's watermelon juice。 I tried making it, but・・・・

--How did it turn out?

Tokunaga Chinami-san  I failed・・・。

All  Hahaha・・・。

Tokunaga Chinami-san  The watermelons in Thailand are really sweet、 but you can't make a good juice with Japanese watermelons as they are、 so I think that Thailand's watermelon juice is the most delicious。

--After this、 would you like to come to Thailand for work or in your private time?

Sudo Maasa-san  The staff-san we've always worked with seem to be friends with the Thai fans、 and I heard that they've really been cheering on Berryz Kobo、 so I definitely expect that I'll come in my private time。 I'd like to bring along my family too。

Kumai Yurina-san  We've got to wear the national costume several times、 but I think Thailand's national costumes come in all sorts of forms、 so when I come here privately、 I'd like to wear those national costumes and go sightseeing。

Shimizu Saki-san  This is the 6th time I've been to Thailand、 but I come to Bangkok every time、 so I'd like to go to places like Phuket and see the beautiful sea。

Tokunaga Chinami-san   My image of Thailand is of the floating markets、but although I've seen them on television、 I haven't gone there yet。 I think that you definitely need to ride a boat to get there。

Natsuyaki Miyabi-san  There were plans for Berryz Kobo to play together with elephants・・・、 Um、 there's something like drawings of elephants, aren't there。

--Ahー、 there are, there are。

Natsuyaki Miyabi-san  Like who would be good at drawing。 Berryz Kobo has a “great artist” {T/N: This term is normally used sarcastically for someone who is horrible at drawing}、 Captain (Shimizu Saki) is a great artist。 I want a showdown with elephants。 I'm sure it'll be amusing!

Tsugunaga Momoko-san  I'll still continue to remain in H!P as part of 『Country Girls』、 so I'd like to come again for a concert。

--They've opened up a Hanabatake Bokujo in Thailand、 so there are opportunities, right!

※Country Girls (formerly Country Musume。) started as an idol group that did entertainment activities while working at Hanabatake Bokujo (Hokkaido Kasai District Nakasatsunaimura)。

Sugaya Risako-san  It's my 5th time in Thailand、 but I haven't walked through the streets in town or gone sightseeing、 next time I'd like come in my private time and go here and there, go shopping。

Tokunaga Chinami-san  I'm also really interested in overseas countries、 I'd like to go to all sorts of countries、 and make something like a world report(laughs)。
--You can go visit World Heritage Sites in Thailand!

Tokunaga Chinami-san  Previously、 when I got to come to Thailand alone to promote 『cha cha SING』、 I went to Wat Pho and did some promotion though。 This thought is still in the air, but it's at times like those when I'd like do try something like a world report!

--Everyone、thank you very much for your precious time!

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