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Voter comments for Momochi's 15th anniversary album

Arigato Otomomochi (Momoko Tsugunaga 15th Anniversary Album) / Momoko Tsugunaga

1. Gag 100kai bun Aishite Kudasai / Berryz Kobo
Recorded on the single 'Gag 100kai bun Aishite Kudasai'
Released 23 Nov 2005

♪ If it's Momochi, it's this song!

♪ I like how it feels like I'm being hit with a barrage of questions during her solo part at the last chorus.
Momo-chan sings it a bit differently now than she did back then. Which is great too.
I'm already like a granny, but even when I'm more of a granny than I am now, I'd like to remember this song, and properly put on my blusher, to show that I haven't forgotten it. I chose this song with that in mind.

2. Moshimo... / Hello! Project Mobekimasu
Recorded on the single 'Busu ni naranai Tetsugaku'
Released 16 Nov 2011

♪ The lyrics are jam-packed with a depiction of a girl who's a bit self-centered, but still loveable. It's a perfect fit for Momochi's cute voice. I love this song ♥

♪ I think this is a perfect song for Momoko, since the melody, the lyrics, the dance, they're all flooding over with cuteness.
I like how it's like 'Cuteness = Righteousness'.

3. Hatsukoi Cider / Buono!
Recorded on the single 'Hatsukoi Cider / Deep Mind'
Released 18 Jan 2012

♪ A legendary song that is used as a representative of the idol world!
It's a song that can get even non-Hello wota pumped up, and this song immediately creates a sense of familiarity. And above all, I love the people who sing the song, so there's no other choice but Hatsukoi Cider!!

♪ When I realised that the girl who sang this carefree, high-pitched song was the Momochi whom I saw on the variety circuit, I immediately felt this sense of affinity. Here was a girl, the same age as me, spinning this heart-throbbing melody and expressing the slight sadness of a first love. This song is what led me to like Momochi. It's a really important song to me.

4. Ganbacchae! / Morning Musume。 to Hello! Project Kids + Goto Maki
Recorded on the album 'Koinu Dan no Monogatari Original Soundtrack'
Released 14 Feb 2003

Ganbacchae! is the Hello! Project song I have the deepest attachment to.
I've been a Hello! Project fan for about 20 years, but back then, Ganbacchae! was a song that featured tiny girls who were the same age as me singing with wide smiles on their faces. I really wanted to be like those girls!
They're all grown up now, but this is a song I love. For me, it's a song that brings me back to those days.
For Momo-chan's last. I definitely want to hear this song!

♪ It's the song that started everything, so I want to listen to it again. I want those who don't know about it to listen to it.
The words in 'Ganbacchae!' seems be directed to the Kids before their debut. But now, those words are like a cheer of support towards Momochi who'll be tackling a new path.

5. I Need You / Buono!
Recorded on the album 'Buono! 2'
Released 11 Feb 2009

♪ I like Momochi's first lines. And listening to it now that Momochi is graduating, the lyrics capture how the fans feel. 'Kimi ga inai Sekai ha ne / donna Sekai?' ('A world without you in it / How would that be like?') Just thinking about a world after Momochi's graduation forces me to hold back my tears.
However, 'Kimi ga dokoka ni iru dake de / Watashi nara Ganbatteikeru' ('Just knowing that you're somewhere / Drives me to do my best') and 'Itsumademo Daisuki / Kimi ga ite mo Kimi ga inakutemo / Omotteru' ('I'll love you forever / Whether you're around or aren't / I'll always think of you ')... I think that all the fans feel that way.

♪ Momochi sang this song solo at Buono! Live 2012 'R・E・A・L'
Just before entering the chorus, Momochi faced the audience and yelled out 'Come On!' into the microphone. At the moment, I remember feeling like time had stopped at the venue. Singing so clearly in a heartbreaking way from the A melody to the C melody, she had created a 'Momochi world'. And yet, all of the sudden, it felt like she was calling us into that world, inviting us fans to build to mood together with her, letting us join in with the fun of the concert, making us really fall in love with Momochi. We really fell in love with her. I'd always liked her to begin with, but at that moment, I fell in love with Momochi again.
So, I want this song, 'I Need You', to be included in the album that features the names 'Tsugunaga Momoko' and Momochi. I love Momochi, who's the cutest in the world!

6. Shiroi Tokyo / ZYX
Recorded on the single 'Shiroi Tokyo'
Released 10 Dec 2003

♪ Nowadays, this song is being sung at Hello! Cons and the like, but it was the best back when it was being sung by the original members.
It's also adorable how innocent Momochi was back then.

♪ This song is what I think of when I think about the song that got the idol Tsugunaga Momoko started.
When I watched the promotion video to this song, I'll never forget the shock I received watching such an exceptional idol.
Without this song, Momochi wouldn't be talked about!

7. Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai / Berryz Kobo
Recorded on the single 'Anata Nashi de ha Ikite Yukenai'
Released  3 Mar 2004

♪ Because it's Berryz Kobo's debut song, and for 'Tsugunaga Momoko', it's a song that led to the start of a huge huge idol.

♪ This song is what made me like Tsugunaga Momoko-san and Berryz Kobo. I remember being shocked that such a difficult song was being sung by such a small group of children! Momoko-san herself mentioned this in her 'Momogatari' event, but Berryz Kobo back then were already 'the real deal'. At any rate, Berryz Kobo's debut really had a huge impact.

8. Independent Girl ~Dokuritsu Joshi de aru tame ni / Buono!
Recorded on the album 'We are Buono!'
Released 10 Feb 2010

♪ I get the shivers when I consider the contrast between everyone's idol, the always cute Momochi with that cool singing voice!! It's amazing even when performed live!!

♪ Up until now, the sight of Tsugunaga Momoko-san giving it her all has always encouraged me, through major events like going to university, looking for employment, getting married, having a child.
She's cuter than anyone, she's serious and stoic, and she's got a strong core that she uses to conceal the hard work she puts in. I'll always admire her. This song is a perfect fit for Tsugunaga Momoko-san, so I love it.
Now, as I worry about raising a two year old child, I listen to this song every day, it encourages me to become a strong mother who doesn't get influenced by those around me!

9. Very Beauty / Berryz Kobo
Recorded on the single 'Very Beauty'
Released 7 Mar 2007

♪ Even after her retirement, it still won't change the fact that she'll still be a charming person whom I admire. I picked this, since it's a perfect fit for that Momochi.

♪ It gave me a shock when Momochi sang Very Beauty solo at Berryz Kobo Concert Tour 2009 Autumn ~Medachitai!!~. Even now, it's unforgettable. It goes without saying that her singing was good, but I was captivated by her voice, which made my heart squeeze. I've watched it over and over again. Momochi's sweet and adorable voice, linked with the lyrics that depict a maiden worrying about the onset of puberty, made this already wonderful song into a permanent resident of my heart.

10. Koi no Hipparidako / Berryz Kobo
Recorded on the album '1st Cho Berryz'
Released 7 Jul 2004

♪ I have a lot of memories of her singing this solo. Momochi's singing overflows with the excitement of someone expecting to experience a romance, which makes it fun! I hope to hear this on CD as well!

♪ I became a fan when I watched her sing this song solo at the Saitama Super Arena in 2007.
She looked so brilliant and cute and dignified as she sang it. I love it so much that it lifts my spirits, I've rewatched the DVD time and time again!
Momochi, love you!

11. Arigatou! Otomodachi. / Berryz Kobo
Recorded on the album 'Special! Best Mini ~2.5mai me no Kare~'
Released 7 Dec 2005

♪ At Berryz Kobo's last Budokan, in the midst of the members crying as they sang this song, Momoko-chan sang it with a smile on her face, as she always does. She really seemed to be shining. Momoko-chan, it's been a really joyful 15 years of being an Otomomochi! Thank you!!

♪ We are full of gratitude towards Momochi.
Just as the lyrics go 'Egao ni Naru wa ♪' ('Have a smile on your face'), Momochi's shows are filled with smiles and happiness.
Thank you for becoming an idol. We'll love you forever and ever.

12. Peanut Butter Jelly Love / Country Girls
Recorded on the single 'Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanut Butter Jelly Love'
Released 8 Feb 2017

♪ I think that this is a song that represents the culmination of Momochi's idol activities. In the future, when I listen to this song, I'll remember Momochi's graduation, my own graduation from university, and how I started on a new life. The March HinaFes was my first time attending a H!P concert. When I heard this song live, Momochi's solo part at the start was so overwhelming that my tears flowed despite myself. I really love you! Thank you!

♪ It's her last single as part of Country Girls, and you can never take away the fact that this song starts with a Momochi solo.
That last 'Eien ni~' ('Eternally') in the lyrics squeezes my heart.

13. Ai no Suki Suki Shisuu Joushouchuu / Berryz Kobo
Recorded on the album '4th Ai no nanchara Shisuu'
Released 1 Aug 2007

♪ Since it's a song that made me feel happy from the bottom of my heart the moment they performed it at their serial events.
Up to then, I thought that it was a bit unsettling for a well-aged older man like me to be attending events, so I was pretty reserved when it came to going to events. But this song opened up my heart.

♪ To start with, my reason for picking Suki Suki Shisuu is because Momoko-hime is cute! It's a cute song, with a cheerful melody and lyrics that overflow with feelings of adoration. With worried expressions to match with the lyrics of the A melody and a smile that went from ear-to-ear at the chorus as she sung it, Momoko-hime was adorable. I like the phrase 'Doko ni demo afurete / Ai no Kotoba' ('You can find them overflowing everywhere / Phrases of love'). It makes me think that if we treasure each and every little joy and pieces of happiness that we find in our daily life, it'll build up to a great future. And I always think that Momoko-hime's smile is so cute at the part that goes 'Sore de ii no Onnanoko ha Chokkyuu' ('But it's fine for a girl to be frank') after that. The last part of the chorus goes 'Anata no Koto' ('I'm referring to you'). At that point, Momoko-hime will point the microphone to the audience with a 'One, two' or a 'Hoi', and we'll go 'Momochi no koto' ('We're referring to Momochi'). It's so cute how she grins with satisfaction when that happens as well lol. And I also like how cute the dance is as well. When it's sung solo, the dance is more reserved, but they can let loose when Berryz are singing it, and the uptempo, cheerful melody is really cute. Momoko-hime seems to burst so much that it almost makes me wonder if there's a trampoline on the floor that she's standing on. What's more, from the intro to the chorus, us fans can cheer out through the whole thing, so it's great how it can pump up the end or beginning of a concert.

14. Iku ZYX! Fly High / ZYX
Recorded on the single 'Iku ZYX! Fly High'
Released 6 Aug 2003

♪ The start of the start for Momochi would be 'ZYX'.
It's got innocence and freshness, and listening to it now, it's super nostalgic! I'd like to hear it after so long!!

♪ This is a great early example of H!P Kids' legacy and Momoko was lucky to be a part of it! [Note: The comment was originally in English, with an accompanying translation into Japanese. The original English comment has been left as-is, with the attached translation removed]

15. Munasawagi Scarlet / Berryz Kobo
Recorded on the single 'Munasawagi Scarlet'
Released 6 Dec 2006

♪ This song was what led me to like Momochi. It's not just the singing and dancing, but the presence and charm she had. You wouldn't think that she was 14 at the time.

♪ When I went for karaoke with friends, my friends sang this song. When they sang it, I watched the MV, and was smitten with Momochi at first sight! 'How can anyone be this cute!?' That was the last thing I thought. Since then, no one else but Momochi has been in my sight.
She was so cute, and yet her dancing was so sharp! Amazing!
Seeing Momochi shine and sparkle, she's lifted my spirits many times over, and given me encouragement... For me, this song is the song that first acquainted me with Momochi.

Arigato Otomomochi (Momoko Tsugunaga 15th Anniversary Album) / Momoko TsugunagaOff Momochi in Okinawa / Momoko Tsugunaga

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