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Sweet Inspiration: A time when I slipped up (Tsugunaga Momoko, ℃-ute, Kobushi Factory) - Big One Girls No. 039

Question: Tell us of an unforgettable story where you slipped up!!

Inoue Rei
I woke up after napping on the sofa at home, and made it just in time for work. In my rush, I'd brought my luggage up two floors. My legs were worn out, you could hear the joints creak. After I was done with work, I went to the hospital. Turns out that I'd pulled a muscle. If only I had prepared properly.

Okai Chisato
This was at the New Year's Hello! Project concert two years ago. At the time, we had two different setlists. I was in the dressing room when a ℃-ute song, 'Love Take It All', started playing. I was dumbstruck, and then the singing started!!......
It turned out that we were doing the other setlist on that day. I only turned up when my singing lines started. Being in my 13th year at that point in time, I got a really good scolding, I'm really remorseful about it......

Ogawa Rena
In primary school, I was playing around with a shopping cart. I was too forceful, and the shopping cart ended up flipping over, with my head hitting the ground. I was bleeding and got carried off to the hospital. But it didn't hurt, perhaps because I was so shocked. Reflecting on it, I told myself that I shouldn't mess around with shopping carts. (laughs)

Suzuki Airi
When I was two or three, I went to watch my father at a golf game. The are fences at the golf course, right? I'd put my head through the fence, and couldn't pull it out! So I yelled out to my father in the middle of his match, crying out 'Papa, I can't get out!!' (laughs) Even back then, I was such a rascal,

Tasaki Asahi
During parent's day in my second year of primary school, the teacher asked us to raise our hands if we could answer a question. But not everyone raises their hands, right? I didn't know the answer, so I didn't raise my hand. But then the teacher said that it was fine to raise our hands even if we didn't know the answer. So I did raise my hand. Then I got picked. When I admitted that I didn't know the answer, I got laughed at...... I regret not having studied more. That's a story of when I slipped up.

Nakajima Saki
Before ℃-ute had even made our debut, we used to go around with Abe Natsumi-san on her concerts. We did skits at those concerts. I had completely forgotten one of my lines, so I left the stage in a rush and got a staff member to tell me my line. I said my lines without giving any thought to them, which is something I'll never forget. (laughs) It's something that I could do because I was still a kid. Did I cry on-stage? It's a memory that I really regret.

Tsugunaga Momoko
I don't fail. If pushed to say, I fail at failing. (laughs) Something's a failure only if you think of it as a failure. For example, I've honestly made mistakes while dancing at concerts. However, I try to make it not look like a slip-up. This technique is impressive: 'I didn't get it wrong, it was just that everyone else made a mistake'. (bursts in laughter) Do it decisively, with a confident face. In that sense, I don't fail. This question may be getting answered by all sorts of idols, but as a senpai in the idol world, I'd like to say one thing: Nothing's wrong with failing, but don't have regrets. Momochi-senpai would like to highlight this. That's how I'd like you to lead your lives.

Hagiwara Mai
When and we were performing 'Ganbacchae!' at a concert during our days as the Hello! Project Kids, my leg got caught on (Okai) Chisato's leg or something, which made me slip and fall. I bumped my head, and it felt like I got a concussion, I could actually see some chicks floating around. If I had fallen at school, then there'd be someone to help me. But at the time, I couldn't stand by myself.... Being in first grade, it was a huge thing to me to learn that I couldn't live by myself. (laughs)

Hasegawa Moemi
When I went to a theme park with family, there was an octopus (a ride shaped like an octopus, whose tentacles go up and down). But the moment I saw it, I thought that it was a monster and ran away. (laughs) I strayed away from my family and went missing for about two hours. My two brothers went on that ride, while I ran away... My father and mother probably had it tough.

Hirose Ayaka
I was asked by my mother to stir-fry some onions, so I cut them up and fried them. I had it going on a low flame, but I let my eyes stray for just a moment, and it ended up getting completely burnt. (laughs) I have to really sharpen up my cooking skills.

Yajima Maimi
I wet myself in my sleep when we were on the plane when I was going overseas with my family. (laughs) I was three, but I can still really remember the details of that incident. I cried a lot. There are photos from back then. My mother had her coat buttoned up, and it looked like she was wearing a dress. The cabin attendant was in a panic as well. I remember the seat being covered with a transparent sheet, and sitting on top of that.

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