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New Faces: Dancing (H!P Maruwakari Winter 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, asking about other members.
This one, which came out for the 2015 Winter Hello! Cons, would be Berryz' last as well as Country Girls' first. It also pre-dates Kobushi Factory, who were announced at that Hello! Con itself. Thus, the usual questionnaires are supplemented with a Berryz Kobo special as well as a new faces special (MM 12ki, S/mileage 3ki, the 5 new Country Girls).

This part of the questionnaire comes from the 'new faces' segment, where we get to know more about the new girls and what they think about other H!P members and senpai. Remember that this book pre-dates Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory, but don't worry, they get their turn in the 2015 Summer Maruwakari Book.

Q5. I like this senpai's dancing

Ogata Haruna: Sayashi Riho-san. I really liked her dancing in 'What is Love?'

Nonaka MikiNakajima Saki-san. Her limbs are long, and I look up to her ability to dance any song stylishly and cutely.

Makino MariaNakajima Saki-san, Takagi Sayuki-san. I've really liked Nakajima-san's dancing from even before I joined Morning Musume。 The pole dancing she did for their 2014 spring tour was really attractive. I've been using Takagi-san's dancing as a reference from when I was a Kenshuusei.

Haga AkaneShimizu Saki-san's sharp dancing is stylish!

Murota MizukiSayashi Riho-san with her sharp dancing!

Aikawa MahoHagiwara Mai-san. When she's dancing, her facial expression is impressively cute and cool...... I look up to her.

Sasaki Rikako: Ishida Ayumi-san, Sayashi Riho-san, Shimizu Saki-san, Nakajima Saki-san. Because when I watched them at the Hello! Cons, they really stood out, they were cool and powerful.

Yamaki RisaMiyamoto Karin-san. It's wonderful how she feels the 16 beat and dances in a huge way. When I watch her from up close, she's always so good that I can't pull my eyes away.

Inaba ManakaSayashi Riho-san. She's so good that no matter what sort of dance she's performing, it draws your eyes! She's really cool, I respect her ☆

Morito ChisakiSayashi Riho-san. Because her dancing's powerful, and the punch it packs when you see her is amazing. I wish I could dance like that. Even though Miyamoto Karin-san is petite, it's amazing how her movements are so big!

Shimamura UtaIt's got to be Sayashi Riho-san if we're talking about dancing. Just by watching their music videos, she'll bewitch you. I had a nosebleed the day I saw her live.

Ozeki MaiSayashi Riho-san, Ishida Ayumi-san! I think within Morning Musume。´15, the two of them are the top two in the dance category, so for me, who still can't dance, I look up to them!

Notes and observations:

  • RihoRiho gets mentioned the most, 7 times, with Nacky getting three, and the following people getting 2 mentions each.: Captain, Karin-chan, and Ayumi. I'd just like to point out that almost all of the new members not from the Kenshuusei picked RihoRiho.
  • By group, Morning Musume。´15 members got mentioned the most, the bulk of them being for RihoRiho:
    Morning Musume。´15: 9 mentions
    ℃-ute: 4 mentions
    Juice=Juice: 3 mentions
    Berryz Kobo: 2 mentions

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