Friday, 30 October 2015

Momochi's come back!? 「Country Girls」 Special Interview Before and After their Live!――T-SPOOK

「Mezamashi TV PRESENTS T-SPOOK」 was held over 2 days, on the 24th and 25th of October.

We got to talk with Country Girls who appeared at the 2nd day's parade and live performance

On that day,
 Momochi(Tsugunaga Momoko)-san, who had taken a break in order to treat her vocal polyps, also appeared♪  We got to hear her voice, which was adorable as usual!

――Momochi-san、 are you doing well?

Honestly, I've gradually been recovering. I apologise for causing worry and concern!

―― I believe that it's been a while since you last stood on-stage, so how do you feel right now? 

That's right。 Thinking about getting to experience the joy of standing on-stage once again、I was looking forward to today ♡ My voice is better now、 but it hasn't recovered to the point where I can sing、 so I think it would be great if you would enjoy today's performance by my 4 reliable kouhai

And what do you know! Now、 we've hit the members of Country Girls just as they've finished their live performance、and we were able to ask them questions!

―― Good job!

All 「Thank you very much!!」

―― How was the live performance?

Yamaki Risa 「It felt liberating as it was outdoors、 and we danced intensely, as if we wouldn't lose to the wind、 I really enjoyed myself!」

Ozeki Mai 「There are words like 『Good weather』 or 『The sky』 in the lyrics of our songs、 and I sang from the bottom of my heart while thinking about those!」

Inaba Manaka 「After having walked in the parade just now、 we held our live performance in an excited state、 so we were more excited than usual!」

―― Watching it from the sides、 how was it?

Tsugunaga 「I was really able to feel it。 Ahaha(laughs)」

Morito 「Yaay!」

Tsugunaga 「For our new song 『Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne』 at the end、 it ends with some limes from myself、 so I was in high spirits as that was the only part I could participate in、and an incident happened where the sound stopped、 as it was nervous due to Momochi's cuteness。」

Morito 「Because you're just too cute! Momochi-senーpai ♡」

Tsugunaga 「Forgive this girl for her crime, ok ♡ While that incident happened、 it was really fun to experience all sorts of things through this Halloween event! Thank you very much ♡」

All 「Thank you very much!」

Happy Halloween!
Hope “that person” you want to meet gets close to you ―― LINE BLOG。 

(Photos/Sugi Ekiko、 Interview ・ Text/Editorial department)

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