Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Favourite Box: Riho & Captain

From HMV Monthly Magazine
Being told
The favourites (music or movies or books) of
The Hello! Project members who continue to shine
At the core of the idol scene!

The MUSIC・MOVIE・Book I'd like to put in my favourites box is this ♥

Sayashi Riho-san's favourite
CD: Go Girl~Koi no Victory~ by Morning Musume.

The song that changed my life

My favourite is Morning Musume.'s 'Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~'! I discovered it during my kindergarten sports rally. I danced as the centre to this song (laughs). I remember my favourite sensei praising me on the dance, and me being really happy. From that experience, I thought that, 'In the future, I want to become a person who's cute, and can sing and dance just like Morning Musume.!' This was the song that gave me the impetus to start dancing.

Now, while I'm participating in activities as part of the Morning Musume. '14 that I desired, at times when I'm troubled, I listen to this song. It makes me recall my initial resolution, and it makes me think 'Don't be troubled, do your best!' Surely, it's an important song that has changed my life.

Shimizu Saki-san's favourite
CD: Best Friend by Kiroro

The magnificence of friendship, tears~!

My favourite is Kiroro-san's 'Best Friend'. When I was in senior high, I loved to go for karaoke, and would make my way to karaoke almost every day after school, and at that time a friend sang this song.

Since I loved Kiroro-san ever since I was a child, I'd listened to this song countless times. But, when my precious friend sang it, I once again could understand the magnificence of the song!

And then, when something happened to my friend, I remember singing this song, and us having a good cry together. The lyrics are like OMG!!! If I think about my friend while listening to this song, I think that I'll spontaneously erupt into tears that'll never end...... I think that as it's graduation season, I want everyone to listen to this song, and break down in tears

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