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Momochi on 'Uwasa ha Gohou ka Shinjitsu ka Gase Dema Collection'

(Here's a dailymotion link if the Youtube ones die)

Momochi denies the rumours that she comes from a destitute family in this TV show.

Discussing rumours surrounding an entertainer - that's the premise of this show. At the end, a panel of three judges decide whether they think the rumours are unfounded (white) or seem to be substantiated (black).

The person in the hot seat today is everyone's idol, Momochi.
And the rumour they're investigating:
Momochi is suspected to come from an extremely destitute home

Other rumours to support that statement:
- She wears the same clothes every day
- She stole another members bicycle
- Her favourite dish is curry with chikuwa instead of meat

The MC points out that even if those rumours were true, they didn't seem like a big deal. Another entertainer mentions that it isn't too weird for idols to come from poor families. And one of the judges notes that wealth is relative.

Rumour 1: When the members were doing a sticker exchange, she substituted with a sticker that she had taken from a banana
Momo: It's true that there was a time that the members were into sticker exchanges. And I was involved. But there's never been once where I used a sticker from a banana. But I've exchanged those thicker 3-D stickers with a flat one -
*One judge switches to black*
Momo: What's up with that timing? Now? Why now?
Judge: Well, I kinda want Momochi's corner to get done with quickly
*Another judge switches to black*

Rumour 2: Her bath tub was broken, so she washed herself at a nearby river
Momo: Firstly, there's no river near my home. My company's strict, so going to swimming pools, onsen, or public baths in my private time, all of those are prohibited.
MC: Even onsen trips?
Momo: We can't do onsen trips. People would get nosebleeds if they saw Momochi.
*MC points out that she'd be talking about the woman's bath though, but Momo soldiers on*
Momo: So with that in mind, washing myself at a river, that would be completely not allowed.

MC: You don't have memories of playing around in a river?
Momo: At times, we'd go fishing for crayfish
Entertainer: My partner's pretty poor, and he always goes fishing for crayfish

MC: So it's like, there's no foundation for this rumour.
MC: Yeah, so it's weird how this rumour got founded
Entertainer: Maybe someone saw her?
Entertainer: Maybe a fan who went to a handshake event thought 'oh, she seriously stinks'?
Female entertainer behind Momo: The smell of crayfish is...
Momo (to one of the other entertainers): I don't smell, do I?
Entertainer: I'm completely fine with the smell of crayfish

Note: That's a chikuwa in her hand, fyi
Rumour 3: The reason she took up the auditions was because MoMusu OGs Tsuji-chan and Kago-chan seemed to always be eating delicious things
Judge: Like normally, most become idols with reasons like 'I want to sing in front of everyone'
MC: With this, it's like it's because, 'I get to eat lots of yummy things', right?
MC: So how is it, Momochi?
Momo: ... That's actually true.
MC: What did you see Tsuji and Kago eating?
Momo: Strawberry mini-parfaits
MC: You don't need to be an idol to eat those kind of things!
Momo: That's right. But when they eat delicious things and are asked to comment, they express how delicious it is with their whole being. When I saw that, 'Ah, Momochi wants to eat that too, I guess if I enter showbiz, I'd get to eat delicious things', and that's what I put forward to Tsunku-san
MC: But wouldn't that lead to people thinking that you're poor
Momo: I don't want to tell a lie, as an idol

*Video of H!P members discussing the rumours - Harunan, Chinami, Miya, Chisato, Maimi*
Chisa: We've been together for 13 years, with the exception of Iikubo, but we haven't really talked about this topic, honestly
Chii: But I think we all think that, even if we don't say it
*The pandora's box is opening*

Rumour 1: Banana sticker
Chii: There were sticker exchanges, but I'd never gotten a sticker from a banana
Miya: Me neither
Chissa: What sort of stickers were they?
Maimi: In my mind, I'm thinking of those stickers that you find in organisers, where you stick them on like, 'for work'
Chii: 'Going out' was also another one
Chisa: You exchanged those?
Miya: We exchanged them. But we never exchanged a large sticker for a small sticker. Therefore we decided that we definitely couldn't give Momochi a 3D sticker

Rumour 2: Washing in river
Chisa: Momo-chan doesn't really talk about things like her bath tub being broken that much
Miya: She doesn't reveal her private life
Chii: She wants to keep it under locks
Chisa: When Berryz Kobo and C-ute had a shooting for a music video, she came in with extremely messy hair, that was a surprise
Miya: When she came to the location she fixed it with water

Miya: It seems that she cuts her own hair. She doesn't really go to the hairdresser. She does up her 'Momochi Musubi', she ties them up, then cuts the parts that have lengthened by herself
Maimi: She cuts it when they're in the 'Momochi Musubi'!?
Miya: So when she lets it down it's all dishevelled
Harunan: Momochi-san's pretty talented

Rumour 3: Delicious food
Chii: I've heard her mention it before
Maimi: But we do get to eat often
Chii: When we go to locations, and there are a lot of bentos. When there's yakiniku bento, she'll definitely bring it back home.
Chissa: If she does it for yakiniku, does she bring back other leftovers?
Miya: It seems that she brings back the container

Miya: When we do live performances, we get refreshments. As we have a lot of people, we get a lot of boxes. And somehow, before we realise it, they're gone. Furthermore, it's the boxes. When we head back, the luggage, It seems like 'Eh? Doesn't Momo seem to have more luggage than when we went?'
Miya: So when we opened it, it had boxes, When I asked Momo ' can I have a donut?', She was like 'Sorry, no can do'

*Other rumours*
Harunan mentions an incident when she happened to smell a sweet scent from the water that Momo was drinking from, so she suspected that sugar had been added.
Chii: No way

Chisa: It seems that she's also worn the same socks for several days
Miya: I've heard that her younger brother also wears her socks

MC: Weren't they spouting bad things about you? If you were to watch that, you'd think that Momochi is hated.
MC: It feels like you live a life without using money. What's the most expensive thing you've bought?
Momo: I don't really buy stuff
MC: So you're simply a cheapskate then

Judge: Do you get new year's money?
Momo: New Year's money... well, for my home... My home...
Judge: You're poor, poor!

Judgement: All black

As a final request, Momochi insisted that she didn't sink of crayfish, which the MC accepted.

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