Monday, 31 August 2015

Morning Musume。´15 August 2015 Nationwide Handshake Events: Nonaka Miki

The Musume are at it again, going around the country to promote their latest single. This time, they're promoting their 59th single 'Oh my wish! / Sukatto My Heart / Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki'.

What's also the norm for this promotion campaign is that the members hijack the official Musume Twitter account, and we get to follow the girls along as they go around the country.

Chel gets off twice as many tweets compared to last time, so it's all good. Plus, Megane Nonaka! Also, if the words in my translations are in ALL CAPS, it probably means that Chel was using English (Yes, in all caps).

【Hiroshima/ Nonaka】
Good morning!
This is Nonaka Miki (*^_^*)
I've arrived at Hiroshima
There'll be an event at Tower Records' Hiroshima Store after this, at 11 o'clock! I'll be waiting ♪

【Hiroshima/ Nonaka】
The event is about to  START󾭠
This is Megane Nonaka! But… I won't be wearing glasses for the real thing
Sorry ^^;

The Hiroshima event was fun (^_−)−☆ To everyone who came、THANK YOU󾬏
I met the official character of the Sanyo Shinkansen, Kansenger, at Hiroshima station!
Found a Shinkansen that I've never seen before at Hiroshima station
Seems that it's a Shinkansen called Hikari Rail Star, which only runs in Western Japan o(^_^)o
Have you seen it before?

I managed to GET souvenirs for my family! It's lemon-hime
Lunch is Musashino Bento V(^_^)V HAPPY

The event is Osaka is done with (o^^o) To everyone who came、 thank you very much
It was EXCITING to talk a lot with you! That's how I feel ♪

The event at Nagoya is about to START󾬍
I'll be waiting ♪ And there's also a message from HMV Sakae-san \(//∇//)\ It's adorable〜!

【Aichi/ Nonaka】
Done with the event at Nagoya! Thank you very much to everyone who came (o^^o)󾬏Even in Nagoya, all the songs on the single are wonderful ♪

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