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Kobushi Factory in Big One Girls No.028

{Quick note that these questions were asked before their major début announcement}

Hirose Ayaka


HobbyWatching baseball games (Yomiuri Giants), Reading, Hairstyling, Talking, Music Appreciation, Singing

Special SkillDancing, Roundoff, Memorising, Making friends

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historySinging, dancing, English conversation, Piano, Ballet, Tap dancing, Breakdancing, Play-acting, Penmanship, Track-and-field, Karate

Favourite food(s)Chocolate, Bread, Gizzard, Salmon......

Favourite words好きこそものの上手なれ (What one likes, one will do well)

Strong point(s)Being impartial with everyone, Rarely getting mad, Being able to watch things calmly and make judgements

Weak point(s)Going at my own pace, not really expressing my feelings

Senpai you look up toANGERME's Fukuda Kanon-san

Charm of Kobushi FactoryWe're competitive, moving straight straight ahead

Highlight(s) of 'Nen ni ha Nen'Our voices are cuter on the CD! (laughs) There are parts that are different compared to the live version. Especially at the beginning of the interlude, Wada Sakurako-chan's ♪Anata ha~, even though it's one bar, it's completely different!

Dream: A tour of the 5 big domes!

MessageI'll do my best as Kobushi Factory's leader. We beg for your kind support!

Fujii Rio

NicknameRioRio, Fujidon, Eeyore

HobbyDancing, reading the blogs of H!P senpais

Special SkillArtistic gymnastics, Piano, Dancing

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historyBrass Band, Piano, Abacus, Calligraphy, Ice-skating, Cheer Dragons, Art class, Flower arrangement, Handball, Artistic gymnastics

Favourite food(s)Tripe, eel liver

Favourite wordsIf you work hard and get results, you become confident. If you do not work hard and get results, you become haughty. If you do not work hard and do not get results, what remains is regret. If you work hard and do not get results, what remains is experience.

Strong point(s)Bright and cheerful and brimming with curiosity

Weak point(s)Clumsy

Senpai you look up to℃-ute's Yajima Maimi-san

Charm of Kobushi FactoryThat we're always going at full power. Greetings, conduct, performance, we do everything at full power!

Highlight(s) of 'Nen ni ha Nen'The singing displayed by Kobushi. The highlight would be the part of the dance where we lower our hips!

DreamMajor début. I'd like to be able to make an appearance on all sorts of TV programmes.

MessageI'll do my best with everything I've got, so that lots of people will know about Kobushi Factory and Fujii Rio, and cheer us on!

Minami Nomura

NicknameMinaMina, Nomu-san, Nomu


Special SkillForgetting more than half of whatever unpleasant things happened to me the day before

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historySwimming, Oil painting

Favourite food(s)Fruits

Favourite words切磋琢磨 (Friendly Competition)

Strong point(s)Going at my own pace

Weak point(s)Prone to be a pain in the butt

Senpai you look up toANGERME's Wada Ayaka-san

Charm of Kobushi Factory: Our personalities

Highlight(s) of 'Survivor'The contents of the DVD include rehearsal footage and scenes taken from two recordings, and it would make me happy if you were to watch, listen, and enjoy the expressions of each and everyone of us while imagining how we would read out our lines!

DreamTo become a group that's loved by everyone! And for my name and face to be known. That Kobushi Factory will stand on large stages on our own. For that, Kobushi Factory will do our best with power!

MessagePacking our spirit into everything that we do, all of Kobushi Factory will be doing our best with friendly competition, so we beg for your kind support!

Ogawa Rena


HobbyListening to all sorts of music

Special SkillBringing my thumb close to my wrist

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historyPiano, basketball, karate

Favourite food(s)Chocolate cake

Favourite words一期一会 (Once in a lifetime)

Strong point(s)Probably my peppiness

Weak point(s)Getting angry quickly

Senpai you look up toSugaya Risako-san, Morning Musume。´15's Kudo Haruka-san

Charm of Kobushi FactoryDespite being all over the place personality-wise, our thoughts become one when we perform

Highlight(s) of 'Nen ni ha Nen'It's a cool rock song. Midway through, there's a part that goes ♪Nen Nen Nen~. I'd be glad if you would sing it at concerts. As for the highlights, the dance is really accented, we lower our hips, there are all sorts of dance moves. For the song, everyone sings it in a cool manner

DreamFirst, making our major début as Kobushi Factory. And, I'd like to do my best so that we'll be able to have a dome tour.

MessagePolishing my singing, dancing, and talking, I'll do my best to be th one who stands out the most in Kobushi Factory, so I beg for your kind support

Hamaura Ayano


HobbyWatching theatrical performances, such as stage-plays or musicals

Special SkillRope skipping

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historyBrass instrument club, home economics club

Favourite food(s)Ramen, Peaches

Favourite wordsKobushi, Friendship, Gratitude

Strong point(s)Perfectionism, Finding the good points of others

Weak point(s)Bad at giving up

Senpai you look up toCountry Girls' Tsugunaga Momoko-san

Charm of Kobushi FactoryThat we're always performing at full throttle and are energetic, that all of us are funny and competitive

Highlight(s) of 'Survivor'Please pay attention to when I begin to sing!

DreamTo realise a Nippon Budokan performance or have an arena tour or a dome tour, and perform at the 'Kouhaku Uta Gassen'

MessageWe'll do our best with the aim of standing at the peak of the idol world as Kobushi Factory. Please continue to cheer us on.

Taguchi Natsumi


HobbyWatching recorded TV programmes in one shot

Special SkillHula Hoop, Speedily eating tangerines

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historySwimming, Piano, Tea Ceremony Club, Baton club, Basketball Club

Favourite food(s)Tangerines, Asparagus

Favourite wordsA journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Strong point(s)Eager to meddle

Weak point(s)Finds things bothersome

Senpai you look up toSuzuki Airi-san from ℃-ute

Charm of Kobushi FactoryThat we're full of smiles, at full power, anytime! And all of the members are funny!

Highlight(s) of 'Survivor'It's a song that brings out the sense of urgency of the stage-play, so I want you to listen to the song while feeling that sense of urgency! Please pay attention to our facial expressions as well!

DreamI'd like to make our major début, and hold concerts of our own!

MessageThank you very much for always giving us support. It makes me really happy! Onwards to our major début, we beg for your continued, kind support!

Wada Sakurako


HobbyGetting soothed when I mess around with my pet dog. Also, I've gotten into stretching recently.

Special SkillDoing the backstroke without using my hands. At football lifting, the best I've done is 30 times!

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historyDrum-and-fife band, football, dance

Favourite food(s)Tangerines

Favourite wordsThank you

Strong point(s)Always smiling, Doesn't complain

Weak point(s)I'm bad at explaining when I think I'm getting tongue-tied, Limited vocabulary

Senpai you look up to℃-ute's Okai Chisato-san

Charm of Kobushi FactoryThe spirited performance by the members who are cheerful and lively and full of personality

Highlight(s) of 'Nen ni ha Nen'Since it's a very rock song, the members individually came up with their own tricks to sound cool, so please listen out for those

DreamTo be acknowledged as an idol that everyone knows

MessageKobushi Factory are currently doing our best with our sights on a major debut, so we beg for your kind support!

Inoue Rei


HobbyPainting, dancing, singing

Special SkillHigh-speed blinking, loose shoulder joints

Things you've learnt/ Club activity historyDancing, Fire-fighting youths, Band, Electone, Art club

Favourite food(s)Ramen, Mushrooms, Chocolate

Favourite words温故知新 (He that would know what shall be, must consider what has been)

Strong point(s)Liking fun things and funny things, Not giving up

Weak point(s)Shy

Senpai you look up to℃-ute's Hagiwara Mai-san

Charm of Kobushi FactoryEnthusiastically showing the unique characteristics of each and every ones' dance

Highlight(s) of 'Survivor': The chorus is cool, so that's a highlight I'd like you to listen to! Please pay attention and watch the facial expressions of each and every person, we all have understood and got into our roles!

DreamMake our major début and perform overseas!

MessageKobushi Factory are currently working hard, doing our best with our sights on a major debut. We beg for your kind support.

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