Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Q&A with Kumai Yurina by Yahoo

{Kumaicho made an appearance in 'Nakai no Mado' for their feature on tall people. Her height was measured on-camera, where her claims to be 176 cm tall were debunked - she stands 181 cm tall. It was such a topic of discussion that 'Kumai Yurina' entered Yahoo's daily lookup ranking. Consequently, Yahoo had a quick Q&A with Kumaicho.}

Q&A with Kumai Yurina-san

―― Up to now you've been saying that you're 176 cm tall、 but how did it feel when you found out that you were 181 cm tall after being measured?

Kumai Yurina-san I thought 'I really have grown~!' I think there were a lot of people who thought that 'It's surely gotten greater than before, right!?'、 so I think it's great that it's now been clarified。 I'm glad to have been measured, as I received responses and happy comments from a lot of people。

―― Please tell us about the things about your height that worry you、 as well as what's great about it。

Kumai Yurina-san What's troubling is that even though I wanted to wear a yukata for this summer、 I couldn't get it tailored as the textiles aren't sufficiently long、which also happened when it came to my coming-of-age ceremony kimono。What should I do for this summer......。

When you pass by people、 you'll be able to see them do a double-take、 with an extremely surprised look on their faces。

What's great about it is that you don't get suffocated on a crowded train。 And you're in good position for the cooling! Just like with kimonos and yukatas、 there's no need to alter the length of jeans!

―― What have you looked up recently? Please tell us the keywords you've actually looked up。

Kumai Yurina-san I've looked up 「Methods of reducing height」!

Source: Yahoo

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