Saturday, 14 February 2015

2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #9 Takeuchi Akari

Skating on ice, Ogata Haruna passes the blog relay to Takeuchi Akari!

(Original blog post in Japanese)

Yesterday the blog relay came along to me from Morning Musume。’15′s Ogata Haruna-chanー

Today we’re having a Hello! Con at Ogata-chan’s home town of Osaka!

Well, well, time to get on to the main topic

『Is It Just Me?』

On that topic、、、

What can I sayー。

When I’m eating takoyaki, I take out the all the octopus fillings beforehand, and eat them all at the end!

It’s something different, right? lol

Also、 when I’m going to places, I’ve made the decision to not spend more than 300 yen for breakfast!

The final one has got to be that I use a velcro walletー!

I’ve come up with 3!!

Next will be Morning Musume。’15′s Ishida Ayumi-chan!

Someday I’d like to hold an event with ‘Ayumin’ Ishida Ayumi-chan and Zukki (Suzuki Kanon-chan) and Rinapuu (Katsuta Rina-chan) and myself, the 4 of us known as Himitsu no Hana ga Hokorobu-tai

Please let us do itー lol

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