Saturday, 28 February 2015

Twitter Tidbits: Juice=Juice confess to Tokunaga Chinami

Confessions of love towards Berryz Kobo, day 5

Miyazaki: Tokunaga-san's smile is so brilliant, it's almost insurmountable
I love that difference when she's messing around and when she's serious ❤️

Kanazawa: Her friendly smile is really lovely, it always brings my spirits up ♥ Thank you very much!

Takagi: Honestly, she's always smiling, and always talks to me in her friendly manner! She;'s a kind senpai that I love

Miyamoto: When we were doing the Sanokuen Shoujo stage-play, we got pumped up playing shiritori! I love her brilliant smile ♥

Uemura: There's always been this image that Tokunaga-san = High-spirited! That beaming face she always has is soothing!

And with that, we've confessed to Hello!'s number 1 symbol of smiles, Tokunaga Chinami.
Please teach us the joy of messing around with all your might!

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