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1001 Nights - The 16th Night: 100 Questions to Yajima Maimi (Part 1)

Continuing on the 1001 Nights series of Hello! Shop events, it's H!P Leader Yajima Maim's turn at-bat! Held on the 30th January 2015, the event's theme was '100 questions to Yajima Maimi'. The event's Twitter hashtag was .

This first part covers the first 50 questions. The second part covers question 51 and beyond.

Virtually all of these answers came from @tozamasan, so I'll just be linking his tweets in the question number. Here's a log of tweets of the event.

Again, usual disclaimer applies - These come from tweets that summarise what Maimi talked about during the event, and they're being translated, which only adds to the miscommunication potential.

For translations of previous entries in this series of Hello! Shop talk shows, see KanaTomo's (My translationJicchan's on the 50 questions), Sayu's (excerpts from Wota in Translation), Fuku-chan's (50 questions), Airi's (first part, second part), and Captain & Miyabi's.

Q1 What's the first thing you'd do if a blackout happened in the middle of a concert?
Lie low. You'd normally lie low, right?
It's better not to move
When Morning Musume。'15 got pranked, I think that their reaction was normal

Q2 How does it feel to carry the title of Hello! Project leader?
At first I was like, 'Whoa, me?'
I'd never thought about it
I was at a loss in the beginning, as I wasn't the leader type, and Hello! is huge, but now I enjoy doing it

Q3 What sport would you like to try out?
Ice skating
I heard that Ogata-san can do it, and it makes me envious since I wasn't brought up in those circumstances
I've never done ice skating at all
But if it's roller-skating, I've done it

Q4 What's a recent warm and fuzzy YajiSuzu episode?
I really have no idea
Things get weird when it's the two of us, I become a me that isn't me
Walking ahead, drumming on our backs, pulling hair

Q5 What's something you've fought with Tokunaga-san over?
This happened a long time ago, it wasn't a fight, but I got mad
I told her something about school and even though I told her to keep it a secret, my mother found out
Now that we've grown up, we don't get into fights

Q6 What's your daily routine for the sake of pursuing beauty?
Eat lots and sleep lots
Recently Airi's been going to a face-washing shop and demonstrated how she had been taught to wash faces
When I actually had it done on me, my face was rubbed so hard that it stung the next day

Q7 What's something essential for ℃-ute to make Yokohama Arena a success?
Firstly, it's essential to expand our stamina
After that, even at the Budokan, we were considerably nervous, so after it's done, I hope to enjoy it once I've calmed down and reflected on it

Q8 Biggest memory since entering 2015
There are lots, but what immediately comes to mind is my Shizuoka trip
Previously I went by bicycle from Tokyo to Kunouzan, and managed to finish the trip even though my hips were killing me
Since then, from when Kimi ha Jitensha Watashi ha Densha de Kitaku went on sale, I've been going every year
Although my fortunes don't promise good outcomes

Q9 If you get irritated, besides going to sleep, what do you do?
Bear with it
People who complain to others will be complained about in return, so I think that saying nothing when you're irritated is better
I'm the type who forgets a little once I bear with it

Q10 You've eaten a 1 pound (~450 grams) steak, but can you eat a 2 pound steak?
Wasn't it unexpected that I could eat that much?
The other day Nishiguchi-san wondered 'Can I eat this' when having 300 grams
900 grams would be impossible
Depending on location and condition, there are times when I immediately get full
Q10 cont
(The other day, Maimi had 3 main dishes when she went out for French food with friends
She also received a written challenge informing her that Kudo Haruka-chan had also eaten a 1 pound steak)

Q11 Tell us an episode with Sato Masaki-chan.
When she joined, we went together to Hokkaido for a MoBeKiMaSu event, and she responded to anything and everything
She messed around with my fingernails and stared at the pin micrphone
Now she's grown attached to Mai and Chisato

Q12 How much time do you spend thinking for your extensive blog posts?
I write them on the way to work
I write about what left the biggest impression on me on that day
It makes me happy to see the comments get long too
The occasional short post leaves me unsatisfied

Q13 Thanks to Maimi, this person from Taiwan has seen heavy snowfall for the first time, do you have any memories of the snow?
My grandmother's home in Iwate is on top of a mountain, so I feel like I've gone down it on a sleigh
And we used to go skiing every year, but recently we haven't
I remember skiing with my father while he was singing 'Karasu no Uta'

Q14 ℃-ute has reached your 10th anniversary, what sort of woman would you like to become in the next 10 years?
A normal woman
Recently I've wanted to become a woman with a high aesthetic conciousness, whose years aren't noticeable

Q15 What's something that made you dislike your height?
When we were part of the Kids, I wasn't small even though I was a child
I wondered if I was child-like, would I be doted on

Q16 What's something you'd like to challenge?
Ice-skating, and also skydiving
How does it feel like to fly in the sky?
I've bungee jumped before

Q17 (This question came from someone named 'I like the muscular Yaji'-san, to which she asked 'What's good about it?') What have you damaged recently?
Nothing at all
Even though a plank was removed from my broken bed, I slept on it without noticing

Q18 Who do you think resembles you the most in Hello! Pro?
A long time ago, when Ayacho was in the Eggs, she had the same muscular & slim atmosphere
It's said that Kanazawa-chan really resembles me, and Makoto-san has said that we're similar
When I cut my hair, even the members mixed us up

Q19 What's something admirable and something surprising about the new H!P members?
All of them are amusing
Uta-chan's extreme bashfulness was startlingly cute
We were together for the first time at Hello! Con rehearsals and when someone like Maasa made a pass at her, she'd fan her face
She was bashful even at the real thing
Q19 cont
Ozeki Mai-chan would speak casually in a boyish way, like 'Hagiwara-san, how ya doin'

Q20 What music do you typically listen to?
I like soothing music, like Kiroro-san
In middle school, I got into Kawashima Ai-san
Recently I like Back Number-san's lyrics
For Western music, I went to Avril Lavinge's concert in Tokyo Dome

Q21 Have you every felt like dyeing your hair?
I've asked wotas 'Which is better?'
When I listened to what those who had dyed their hair had to say, I even thought 'What's "bleaching"?'
I don't think it suits me, and if I dye it, dyeing the hairline seems tough

Q22 Have you tried dressing your pet dogs?
I'd like to make a calendar of my pet dogs
Would you buy it?
Q22 cont
Since Rookie's a good looking guy, something like a tuxedo
Cologne is like a granny, so I want her to wear a Japanese vest
Aroma's a mischievous princess, so she'd look like a pink princess
Toilette would be in baby clothes

Q23 Even though I'm a Berryz Kobo fan, is it okay for me to go to ℃-ute events?
You're completely welcome
Since Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute have bonds, I want our fans to be on good terms
Q23 cont
(Talking about yesterday's surprise for Berryz Kobo
℃-ute pulled it off splendidly without them noticing
But Mai-chan had to check out Saki's notebook to match their schedule, so Chisato diverted her attention and they safely got away without her noticing)

Q24 What's your daily training method?
I don't do it every day!
Rather, I'm concious about not doing it
But we have to do sit-ups for lessons and such
Today there were also dance lessons, so I did sit-ups and my six-pack developed quickly

Q25 How much time do you spend on your blog posts?
Depends on how much I have to write about on that day
It gets slow if I have to look up titles for things like announcements, roughly about an hour

Q26 Won't you cut your hair soon? I want to see a short-haired Maimi
I've thought about cutting it short, and thought about what sort of hairstyle would be good
When I asked at the cheering seats, it seemed that like there wasn't a liking for short hair
The members said that around the collarbones would be good
When I cut it short, the fans changed too
Q26 cont
For me, about as short as Sakaki Rikako-chan would be cute
Your hair gets in the way when dancing, and I'd like to do it since it looks a bit more grown-up

Q27 What changed when you became H!P Leader?
I thought that I'd do my best
It's weird that everyone's younger than me at Hello! Cons
At first, it felt like a burden, now I'm being positive
Even the staff have wished me good luck

Q28 What's the cutest thing about yourself?
What could it be? I have no idea
I don't really think that I'm cute

Q29 (This question was from 'Spiderman', to which Maimi responds 'Spider!')
What's something you want to do at the Summer Hello! Cons
I thought about this before but I forgot
Someday, even if it isn't for Hello! Pro, I'd like to have a live band

Q30 Which H!P member has the muscles that you're most interested in
There's a similar atmosphere
She works really hard, but is clumsy
Ikuta-chan is flexible

Also Ikuta-chan and Miyazaki-chan

Q31 Favourite ℃-ute song?
It troubles me since I'm often asked this, but today feels like 'JUMP'

Q32 Are there times when you can't think about what to write for your blog posts? 
There are
If I update at night, I go to sleep since I can only write the next morning, and I write about something different

Q33 Favourite colour

Q34 If you were to appear in the Tokyo Olympics, what event would it be?
I'd also like to try the Tokyo Marathon and 24-hour TV's Marathon
I appeared on Kinniku Banzuke when I was small

Q35 What's a behind-the-scenes story about the new unit announcement?
I had a meeting before my first Leader-like job where I was told 'Straighten them up', but I got nervous and couldn't
When I couldn't straighten out a girl, I reflected, but even then I couldn't really straighten up the next girl

Q36 What's something you want to do as Hello! Pro Leader?
Hold a Sports Festival (applause from wota)
The ones that I think seem strong would be Ikuta-chan, Miyazaki-chan, Akari-chan
Makino-chan, maybe?

Q37 Is Fujii-chan normal?
Is she normal? I wonder if she isn't normal?
She didn't like me in particular at the start, but it seems that she liked me after seeing me at Hello! Con rehearsals

Q38 Did your view of the young members change when you became Leader?
I wonder if it did?          
When I see the new members introduce themselves, I wonder what sort of girls they are

Q39 What flavour would you like to include in Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans?
'The flavour of someone's hair'
Q39 cont
(Asked by the MC if it it would taste delicious or bad) Depends on the person

Q40 Where would you go on a date with Chinami-chan?
I want to go somewhere far away
I want to go somewhere like Okinawa or Hawaii
Chinami suits the summer, so I'd like to hang out at the beach

Q41 What are your thoughts about the first time you had to give a pep-talk as leader?
I was really nervous
In order, it started from the teachers, and I gradually got more nervous and stumbled over my words

Q42 Your plans for Yokohama Arena?
I can't tell you
(But she talked about doing this song and having that sort of appearance)

Q43 What's a method to keep your hair beautiful?
It doesn't get damaged since it isn't dyed
Also, shampoo, rinsing, and treatment, nothing special

Q44 Where did you go to for a meal with Momochi and Ayacho and what did you talk about?
We talked about work and the new members
℃-ute doesn't have anyone joining us, so I listened to them talk about the new members

Q45 What changes happened before and after you experienced Budokan?
Having done Budokan, we wanted to move on to Arenas
My friends also blessed us by coming to the Budokan

Q46 Worst thing you've done so far?
What suddenly came to mind was when we were swimming, I took two 50 yen coins when my mother was elsewhere and bought Poifull chewing gum at a vending machine

Q47 So far, who is the person who influenced you the most and who do you have as your goal?
My best friend is a really good girl
She said she fought with her brother, but when he didn't come out of their grandfather's room and it seems that she cautioned him 'Let's all eat together at dinner'

Q48 What's the very first thing you want to say at Yokohama Arena? Rehearse it here
'Yokohama Arena is ℃-ute's!'

Q49 If ℃-ute were to do a musical, who would play what role?
Chisato will be the prince that raises dogs
Nacky would be her partner
Airi would be throw a curveball and bully Nacky
Mai-chan would be following along while telling her to stop it
I'd be the magician

Q50 What hardships did you face with the acrobatics at the Hello! Con?
We even went to the Nippon Sport Science University
In the middle of these pros, I practised backflips, which I can't do without assistance
I can't do it by myself, so I didn't do it

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