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1001 Nights in Osaka - The 2nd Night: Miyazaki Yuka and Miyamoto Karin

Just like the Tokyo Hello! Store in Akihabara, the Osaka Hello! Store runs its own series of the 1001 Nights talk events. This event was held 22nd April 2016, with the generic hashtag #ハロショ大阪 (#Hello!ShopOsaka).

Usual disclaimer that these are from fan reports and are more snippets from the events rather than a comprehensive overview.


What's comes to mind when you hear Osaka?
Yuka: Old ladies from Osaka.
It's not that Yuka-chan has some sort of stereotypical image of them, but her grandfather's sister who actually lives in Osaka has a very loud voice. Her family enjoys travelling, so they've been to Universal Studios Japan multiple times.
Karin: Takoyaki, Downtown-san
On that day, Nishiguchi-san had given the both of them takoyaki as a gift. Karin-chan has been watching Downtown-san's DVD from when she was small, thanks to her mother's influence. Karin-chan lets loose some of Downtown's joke material, which has Yuka-chan stunned.


Memories of Osaka
Yuka: I saw a UFO at USJ
Nishiguchi: Are you alright?
Yuka: It's true! It's true! My dad saw it as well!

Karin: It's where I had my first Hello! Project concert.
Karin-chan was announced as a new member in November 2008, but didn't get called for the New Year's Hello! Con. Instead, she went along with the tour at the next summer Hello! Con as part of Shin MiniMoni。To Karin-chan, it felt like she was on a trip.


What do you like about Osaka?
Yuka: The dialect resembles Kanazawa dialect.
Yuka speaks in dialect when speaking with Uemura Akari-chan.
Karin: I like how everyone's funny.

Places in Osaka that they like 
Yuka: Kaiyukan.
She went there when she was in primary school, and saw whale sharks. Karin-chan has never been there. Yuka finds that it has similarities to Notojima, so she feels a sense of affinity
Karin: Amerikamura.

Favourite food from Osaka
Yuka: Takoyaki.
Karin: Why do people from Osaka use takoyaki as a bento side-dish! It's carbs on carbs!
Yuka: Couldn't you just not think about that?
Karin: Takosen. (Takoyaki hot-pressed to form a cracker)
This was well received by the wota in attendance.

 Place in Osaka you'd like to go to.
Yuka: Osaka Science Museum 
She was told about it by a taxi driver. It's a planetarium that was opened with the theme 'Universe and Energy'.
Karin: Tsutenkaku, Namba Grand Kagetsu


Chairperson Nishiguchi had some microphone trouble, causing a weird sound that gives Yuka the shivers.
Karin: Is it a UFO coming? You really shouldn't mention UFOs


Something you discovered through the drama 'Budokan'
Yuka: Uemuu likes acting
The drama got rave reviews from Yuka-chan's family. Yuka-chan's parents had high praise for her and Uemuu's acting.

Karin didn't have that much leisure to make discoveries. The role she had been assigned was completely different from how she normally is. What she discovered is that Next You and Juice=Juice are different.

Karin: Today, Yuka-chan's socks had a hole in them.
Yuka: There weren't any in the morning, but I had too much fun at USJ that before I knew it, a hole had opened up.

How do you do with thrill rides?

The USJ rides scared Yuka-chan. Karin-chan, on the other hand:
Karin: I've never thought thrill rides as being scary. No matter what the ride, I enjoy it. Amongst the rides I've gone on, the Backdrop I rode on USJ today was probably the most fun. Previously, when we went to FujiQ, we went on the 2nd scariest ride. But it wasn't scary at all. It made me pretty angry, like 'What the heck is this?'

Please tell us what you gave to Sayuki on her birthday
Yuka Karin: Nothing yet.

How do you think the other has grown up?
Karin: Yuka-chan has gotten really quick at learning dance moves.
Yuka: Up to now, I've been slow at learning the moves, while the rest have been able to catch up on the spot. When I was in Kanazawa, I didn't know the difference between the verse and the chorus. So I had to learn the moves at home... This time, I learnt the dance moves as we were taught them, which made me really happy! I'd finally become one of them!
Yuka: Karin-chan's now able to speak more. In the past, she'd get into a bad mood and the conversation would end. But now, she's talking a lot, and that's cute.
Karin: Being able to talk a lot isn't development, I've just become frank.
Yuka: Similar to how things are in the dressing room.


How would you like us to cheer you on during concerts?
Yuka: Whatever lets you enjoy yourselves the most, that would be best.
Karin: Just be mindful.
Yuka: Maybe they should split the space into individual areas. Like dance areas! Areas for those who want to jump! Areas for those who just want to watch quietly.


Will Yuka-chan be able to wink with Karin-chan's guidance?

Yuka tries doing it and fails.
Yuka: No one can see it though.
Karin: Just close one eye tightly.
Yuka-chan tries again.
Karin: You can't do it.
Nishiguchi: That's just a blink.
Yuka: You're far away, that's why you can't see it.
Apparently during recent concerts, Juice=Juice have been winking a lot amongst one another.
Karin: I've never seen Yuka-chan wink though.
Yuka: I do it all the time!

Your nicknames when you were children.
Yuka: I didn't really have a nickname. I was just Yuka-chan. When I got compared to a vegetable, I was told I was a burdock.
Karin: This wasn't intentional, but those around me really thought of me as a burikko. When taking attendance, I'd just go, 'Present! I'm doing well!' And those around me would mimic me, going 'Present, I'm doing well' too. As a kid, I got called 'Acchonburike'. Blackjack was on TV at the time. I liked Pinako-chan's 'Acchonburike' so much that I made the effort to be able to reproduce it perfectly. When I showed it to my friends at school, my nickname became 'Acchonburike'.

What song would the two of you like to sing together?
Karin: Yuugure Koi no Jikan. 
Yuka: I'd like to try singing S/mileage-san's songs.
Karin: The two of us have been saying that we'd like Juice=Juice to sing cute songs.


Something you often do before concerts.
Karin: Listen to the sound of rain. In order to increase my ability to concentrate, I listen to the sound of rain before sleeping. It makes me relax and lets me concentrate.
Yuka: Just drinking tea. Drinking tea kind of flips the switch for me. It's become a habit.

What would you like to do once all the members turn 20?
Yuka: I'd like to do a casual dinner show. We'd all be dressed formally, with a live band.
Karin: An all night concert. From 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., with a talk in the middle.
Yuka: That's the Countdown concert, isn't it?
Karin: The audience would have to make their own arrangements to get back though.

If you were to come to Osaka in your private time, what would you like to do?
Both: Go to Uemuu's house.
Yuka: I'd like to see how she was raised.
Karin: After that we'll all have kushikatsu. I've had some when we were doing Sanokuen Shoujo. Which reminds me, we ate some when we were doing Sanokuen Shoujo. But it was really greasy, I could only eat two sticks. 

What do you do when on the move?

Karin: I read cookbooks.
Yuka: I bought an iPad and watched all of Kids War. So now I'm looking for something to watch. Tomo's pretty knowledgeable about movies, so after I asked her about it, she just added things to my 'Watch later' list. Uemuu's pretty knowledgeable as well.

Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiruyo / Juice=Juice

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