Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Momochi no Kimochi: The illusory flavour (Essay #16/22)

When I was in primary school, the dish I liked the most at the lunch service would be the miso soup.
The taste of miso is extremely to my liking.
It's the best match for my palate. 
The was another kid in my class who also liked miso soup, and that kid would often slip out in the ruckus before we said grace to quickly top-up their miso soup. 
With its mild taste and condiments such as radishes immersed in it, that miso soup was really delicious. 
The other day, I just happened to get the opportunity to savour the miso soup from the primary school that I attended, but unfortunately, the taste had changed a little. 
At this point in time, that miso soup has become an illusory memory. 
From the bottom of my heart, I really regret that I never asked what sort of miso they used. 
However, if I you were to ask me what I'd like for my last meal, without hesitation, I'd pick yakiniku ♥

Tsugunaga Momoko Photo Essay "Momochi no Kimochi" / Momoko Tsugunaga
Momoko Tsugunaga


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