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Momochi no Kimochi - 22 idol guidelines in the style of Momochi

I: One should treasure the things that don't change.
Idols provide people with dreams, so it's really important to have something that remains constant. While looks will change with age, it's important that you put in some effort and have some tricks up your sleeve so that you don't show how you've aged. In that sense, I really admire and respect Matsuda Seiko-san, who doesn't seem to have changed even despite growing older.

II: One should remain firm to their own style
Establish your own style, something that you'll keep on doing no matter what. My pinky that's always standing at attention, my nickname Momochi - these are things that I persisted with despite facing resistance. At some point, people stopped mentioning anything about them, and they've now become my trademarks. Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

III: One should think positively
At first, I used to have a 'heart of glass'. It's better to do something and fail rather than to fail without having done anything at all. Even if you fail, that's that, then move on to the next thing.

IV: One should learn how to forget
While I occasionally fail at auditions for shows, it's common for me to naturally forget about it. The other day, a producer apologised to me for not being able to cast me in a prior show, but I had already forgotten about that rejection in a heartbeat. Forgetfulness is also useful is refreshing your emotions as you head on to try the next thing.

V: One should sing even if they are on a basket
People often say that they made their start using a box as their performance stage. But when I was small, I flipped over a red laundry basket and used that as a stage. It might have been less steady than a box, but that was how strongly I admired idols. It showed how much grit I had. The power of chasing one's dreams is majestic, isn't it!?

VI: One should take up opportunities with everything they've got
There are lots of people who came to learn about Momochi through 'MechaIke'. At the time, I faced it full of spirit, and thought of it as a turning point for my life. I only thought about putting myself forward. In the past, Tsunku♂-san would always scold me, telling me that the senpai-kouhai relationship doesn't matter when on-stage. Victory goes to whoever stands out. I think that things turned out nicely. It resulted in a lot of people getting to know me, so I'm grateful to Tsunku♂-san ♥

VII: One should also accept the haters
When you've appeared on various programmes, there'll be more people who like you. But it doesn't just end there: there'll definitely also be a rise in the number of haters. Yet, it also provides opportunities to change that 'dislike' into 'like' someday. The scariest thing is actually when people are 'indifferent'. So on the contrary, I'm grateful for the haters. If you take their words as advice, you'll be able to accept and understand them.

VIII: Firstly, one should love oneself
As a basis, you should only watch idol DVDs which you appear in. Even on concert DVDs where all the Hello! Project members appear, I watch the other groups at 5x speed. If I see a flash of myself sitting in the bleachers, I go back, and once that's done with, I speed things back up. (laughs) To everyone in the other groups, yurushite-nyan ♥ While it's obviously fun to watch yourself, if you check yourself out with such zeal, you'll learn and discover all sorts of things about yourself, so don't make light of it.

IX: One should love everyone equally
An idol receives support, but at the same time, we also give support to everyone. And so, for me, everyone's equal, be they a distinguished CEO or a small child. I equally want them to enjoy themselves, I equally want them to be happy.

X: One should practise diplomacy at times
When your fans tell you that they might become fans of other girls, you may feel like responding 'Wait, keep on liking me'. Hold that desire back and say 'I see, what a pity ♥'. Be diplomatic. They'll respond with surprise, and they'll be back at the next handshake event. It's often through these sorts of interactions that I build up relationships of trust.

XI: One should recognise T-shirt colours
At concerts and events, I can pretty much tell when fans have changed into T-shirts of a different colour. Something will feel out of place. It's particularly easy to distinguish when they change from my pink colour to someone else's colour. Since I keep a close eye on the fans~♥

XII: One should constantly put forward one's cuteness
At concerts, I always emphasise on making myself look as cute as possible. How to bend my fingers in order to clap cutely, how to move in order to to make frilly skirts sway cutely. That's the only thing on my mind, so I would frequently get scolded by our dance instructors. But this is the only thing that I won't quit.

XIII: One should constantly make statements that show that one is a dreamer
I often slip and fall when I'm walking down the streets, and when that happens, I'll say 'I saw a flower, and I was trying to avoid trampling on that flower'. Even if they say that there was no such flower, I'll respond by saying 'Is that so? Perhaps only the pure-hearted can see it?' People who have dreams like that, aren't they fun? And yes, I really can see those flowers ♪

XIV: One should not chase skills too far
Talent in singing and dancing does not necessarily lead to popularity. No matter how good one is, it doesn't mean that one can't be surpassed. So while one needs to put in the effort, it can't be said that just focusing all one's attention on that is 100% correct. Rather than that, I'm loved for being human, for my individuality, and being supported is what being an idol is about. In contrast, there are people who receive support despite not being that good. It's a difficult balance to maintain.

XV: One should acquire special skills
I'm not that good at dancing, so in the past, I used to get told off every day. It was tough to remember the moves, but perhaps because I was having so much trouble, I unconsciously acquired the skill of memorising dance moves after a good night's sleep! Having acquired that, my idol activities have gone surprisingly smooth ♥

XVI: One should consider high heels as part of one's body
At concerts, I dance while wearing high heels that are 7~8 cm high, so I can generally do most things in heels without a problem. I could even do one of those obstacle courses they have at parks. Though I stop myself before I even start, since it's embarrassing with everyone around. (laughs)

XVII: One should use their time well
Besides media appearances, we also have lessons and meetings. Idols have a lot to do. And so, it becomes a necessity to use one's time wisely. In my case, when I'm reading books, the more words I don't know, the faster I read. (laughs)

XVIII: One should have a healthy body
It causes problems to those you work with and the fans if there's a gap during jobs, so one's body truly is an asset. What's more, in my case, I use my true name, so it's really upsetting when I go to the hospital and 'Tsugunaga Momoko-san!' gets called out loudly. Recently, I really don't want to go to the hospital, and my body has gotten healthier than before. Is that luck or what?

XIX: One should attentively observe one's surroundings
Previously, we had a wake-up prank pulled on us. But the night before it happened, I noticed that there clearly was something up with the staff and those who were dealing with the location. And so, on that night, I was fully prepared before going to bed - I was wearing cute pyjamas and my hair was blow-dried. (laughs) In the final prank video, it goes without saying that I was the cutest amongst the members when I was awoken.

XX: One should have topics of discussion that cross generations
I'm a genuine idol that knows the likes of my juniors from the same office. The topic of conversation that often pops up with the younger girls is 'Pokemon'. Talking about things you've seen firsthand and legendary classics have a high chance of making you respected, and the conversations will flow as well ♪

XXI: One should not forget one's feelings of gratitude
We receive gifts through our work as idols, like extra side dishes at dining halls, or roast potatoes as we pass by a roast potato seller. And by saying loudly 'Thank you very much! Wow, it's delicious!', there have been times when I've gotten another. (laughs) However, one shouldn't take that for granted. One should never forget to be constantly grateful for others' good will. If your heart isn't pure, it'll appear on your face and in your aura.

XXII: One should persist being an idol until the very end
Ideally, one should never retire, so I'd like to be an idol until my dying breath. I'd like to lay down in cute, frilly pyjamas, and in my final moment, my pinky, the antenna that receives all your love, will fall. The End. That's my ideal epilogue.

Tsugunaga Momoko Photo Essay "Momochi no Kimochi" / Momoko Tsugunaga
Momoko Tsugunaga

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