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Twitter Tidbits: Country Girls on tour

Country Girls Concert Tour 2017 Haru - Momochi-ism - / Country Girls

22nd April Momochi-ism tour in Nagoya [x][x][x][x]

Yamaki: Mai-chan, Yanamin, you've become senior high students. How are you finding it?

Ozeki: I'm cute, right!

Momo: Well, it'll take some time if we go in that direction, so let's just put it aside for the time being...

Ozeki: As senior high students, we have new teachers as well. So at our first lessons with the new teachers, we have to introduce ourselves. Since I'm cute, I've get told that I'm cute dozens of times a day.

Momo: Hmm? Okay.

Ozeki: Like my friends tell me that I'm cute. But it'd be awkward to start off with a, 'Yeah, I know'. For me to suddenly come out to say it, the people around might wonder, 'What's up with this girl?'

Momo: I can relate to that, obviously (laughs)

Ozeki:  So I modestly tell the speaker that they're cute too. But humility just doesn't fit with me! I can't lie, can I? We started off with science classes, and we had to introduce ourselves with something that made us happy recently. So I was like 'I'm Ozeki Mai, and my cuteness makes me happy every day!'. The mood of the class was like, 'What's up with this kid?' But what I've learnt from Country Girls is that persistence through difficulty makes one stronger. Regardless of how down class' reaction made me feel!

Audience: Ohhhh~!

Ozeki: Next class was English. When I had to mention what I like, I went 'Hello, my name is Mai Ozeki, I like looking my face.' While the mood at the previous class was underwhelming, it was somehow well received at this class!

Momo: It went well!?

Ozeki: Our teacher was a native speaker, and even they were excited, going 'Oh, wonderful, beautiful'. My friends and teacher understood that that's the kind of person I am. And that's how I started my life as a senior high student.


22nd March Happy Dinner Time ~Momochi ni Sachi Are~ Dinner Show in Cotton Club [x][x]

Momo: I discussed the setlist with Yamaki Risa-chan. I wasn't sure if I should put in my favourite non-Hello! songs. And then she was like 'Momochi-senpai, what are you saying! The fans have come to watch their oshi have fun, as she enjoys singing the songs she likes!' I'm sure that she must have said that with Misshige-san in mind!


22nd April Momochi-ism tour in Nagoya  [x]

Yamaki: If I may say so myself, I think that we've grown compared to how we were in the past. And I've got a proper basis for making that statement. Do you remember the opening day of our second tour?

Morito: At the opening day of our second live tour, the first song was Kakumeichikku Kiss. We couldn't even get to our positions in time while the introductory song was playing. We completely missed the timing. We had to dash to get to our positions in Kakumeichikku Kiss. In a sense, it was legendary. It was just a week before when Momochi-senpai had to go on a break because of vocal cord polyps. Out of the blue, the four of us had to practise for the opening day, and we were nervous wrecks.

Momo: So it's because of my scheduling?

Yamaki: Momochi-senpai, without you, we were like mere children, completely clueless!

Momo: I was in the ward, worrying about you guys. Then I got a call. I was told, 'Momochi-senpai, it went perfectly!' That gave me some relief. Later that night, I got a video from the show. It only took 30 seconds of watching for me to see the first mistake.

Yamaki: On Hello! Sute, Hello! Project's YouTube programme, I hosted the show for my first time with Momochi-senpai. I was fully dressed up, putting in everything I had in my own way. To bring up my luck, I wore pink. And obviously, Momochi-senpai was also completely decked out in pink. As we were hosting, we were happily commenting about how we were both in pink. By the time I rewatched that Hello! Sute a couple of years later, I'd realised that I should make sure that my clothing doesn't overlap with the senpai.

Momo: I'm fine if that happens. But if it was some senpai who wasn't me, there might have been trouble. I won't name any names though.

29th April Country Girls Spring Live Tour in Hokkaido (afternoon) [x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x]

Funaki: Today it'll be just me and Momochi-senpai doing this MC segment. I would like to talk about something that's been on my mind for a while.

Momo: What is it?

Funaki: I've suspected this from when I was a Kenshuusei, and joining Country Girls firmed up my conviction.

Momo: Eh? About what?

Funaki: Momochi-senpai, you're an alien, aren't you...!?

Momo: ...Eh? Are you all right?

Funaki: You're definitely an alien!

Momo: I'm an earthling...

Funaki: Firstly!

Momo: There are reasonings behind it?

Funaki: The sure-kill technique that Momochi-senpai always uses, the 'Koyubeam'.

Momo: ...I haven't used it recently though. (bitter smile) Ah, wait, I have!

Funaki: You're pinky is raised right now, isn't it? Momochi-senpai, you keep saying that it's an antenna that lets you receive the love of the fans.

Momo: Yeah, it's an antenna.

Funaki: No way that's true!!! That pinky is definitely linked to space!

Momo: You mean like a real antenna?

Funaki: Yeah. We've never seen the Koyubeam, but I'm sure that something green comes out when it's fired!!

Funaki: Secondly....

Momo: There's still more? (laughs)

Funaki: After our 1st Hello! Sute together, I was expecting you to ask us, 'Were you nervous?' after it ended. But you turned pale, and said 'Gotta run, there's a timed sale'.

Momo: I'd promised my mum beforehand! One person can only get two items, so we'd be able to buy four with two people.

Funaki: That's what you say, but the truth is different. When the time comes, you'll return to your normal state! Your face puffs up and your skin turns green! That's why you had to go back quickly! You're completely an alien!

Momo: ...

Funaki: Thirdly....

Momo: There's still more? (laughs)

Funaki: Take a look at how much I'm sweating. Humans are made of 70% water.

Momo: I suspect that you just learned that fact.

Funaki: And yet, there isn't a single bead of sweat on Momochi-senpai. She isn't even sticky! Why is she not sweating? Because she's an alien!

Funaki: ...So Momochi-senpai, it's fine now. Was it difficult, not being able to reveal it until now?

Momo: (laughing) ...When did you find out?

Funaki: From a year ago.

Momo: And you kept quiet until now.

Funaki: Yup.

Momo: So, after the 30th of June, I've got to return to space... I've got no time left!! Please let me spend my time as a human being until the 30th of June.

Funaki: Nothing wrong with humans and aliens living together on this world! This'll be a secret between the two of us. You guys, keep it secret too!! So that Momochi-senpai can reach the day of her graduation without a hitch, in human form! I'll be counting on you.


Observed at a handshake event in March [x]

From Momoko's lane, I heard her yell out in a loud voice 'Hang in there! Hang in there!'
Wondering what had happened, I saw an wota coming out of her lane, crying their eyes out.
There's still three more months to go, but there are already people who've gotten into that mode...


7th May Country Girls Spring Live Tour in Kumamoto (afternoon) [x]

Ozeki: At first, I couldn't talk with Momochi-senpai. It was so bad that when I found out that I had to sit next to her on a one and a half hour Shinkansen ride, I blurted out that it would be tough on me . I got a really good scolding from Momochi-senpai when that happened.

Momo: The seats next to me are the best seats in the house!

Ozeki: And then, at one point in time, we got on a plane that was really unstable. Momochi-senpai was seated next to me, and when the shaking was at its worst, she held on to my arm. Then I immediately put my arm across her shoulder. That was the moment when a link got made between my heart and Momochi-senpai's.

14th May Country Girls Spring Live Tour in Toyama (afternoon) [x][x][x][x][x][x]

Funaki: Frustration makes people grow.

Momo: Where's this coming from all of the sudden?

Funaki: At the ℃-ute premium at the March HinaFes...

Momo: The HinaFes being a concert where all the H!P members perform.

Funaki: Country Girls got to cover Ooki na Ai de Motenashite. When I heard that we'd be singing that song, I was reminded that there's a part that goes 'Nacky' in the song. And if you're talking about 'Nacky' in Country, well, there's 'Funacky'. So when I got home, I practised that part over and over again. I was so sure that it would be my part. I'd even apologised to the members for taking up such a juicy part. But when we got the lyrics card, I saw the the part had been assigned to TsuguYana. I can understand Momochi-senpai, but why Yanamin!? I would just go 'Oh yeah oh yeah' at the back. (Does the 'oh yeah oh yeah' with a sullen look on her face.) I was really frustrated. So I want to do it here, today!

Momo: ♪ Watashi wakatta no / Samishigariyadato~
Funaki: ♪ Naki (Wota: Nacky!!) souyo

Funaki: Wait a second! Wait! Is that what you're saying?

Momo: I heard 'Nacky'. (Indicating Funachan next to her) Who is this? How about saying the 'F' properly?

(After the part is done properly)
Funaki: ♪ Naki (Wota: Funacky!!) souyo 

Funaki: (In a good mood) Yaaay, that was awesome!

Momo: (Also satisfied) I'm convinced. This is no longer ℃-ute's song. It's Funa-chan's song!


14th May Country Girls Spring Live Tour in Toyama (night) [x]

Momo: I'd forgotten. I haven't really felt the generation gap between us recently when the six of us are working together. But when I listened in to the 5 of them at the MC corner today, they talked about learning how to look more mature. However, I've been studying up on how to look younger. So it is true: there are some things we do that are complete opposites.


22nd April Momochi-ism tour in Nagoya [x][x]

Funaki: We've started with our tour, and us students have also started with school. After switching classes for our third year, I've been split up from my best friend in my second year, who's gone to a different class.... That friend was the smartest in our school year, always getting first place in tests.

Momo: Really? People say that birds of a feather flock together though...

Funaki: It's true! She's always first in studies, and she teaches me like how Yamaki Risa-chan does in Country Girls. But we've been split apart in our third year. So my test marks will go down.. (Sidelong glance at Momochi)

Momo: (Shaking her head) ...That's not going to fly!

Funaki: Such heavy words...


20th May Momochi-ism tour in Osaka (afternoon)

(Despite all of Country Girls' teaching her, Funaki's third semester results were still appalling.) [x][x][x][x]

Funaki: That's because all of Country Girls are bad at teaching! For science, Momochi-senpai was like 'Ampere is ANGERME's "A", and Joule is Juice=Juice's "J"'. Chii-chan peeked at the answers while she taught me, and yet she still got the answers wrong!

Morito: I was going beyond the syllabus. You learnt more, didn't you?

Yamaki: You got good marks on only one subject, right? For a supplementary subject.

Funaki: Art! I got 69 marks!

Yamaki: Guys, this is where you should applaud.

(Audience claps)

(Momochi has a strict look on her face)

Momo: And the 69 marks are the only one you're going to mention?

Funaki: And so please teach me after this! End of discussion!

Momo: ... No reward for you this time.


Report from individual handshake event [x]

Wota: Funakki, the thing I worry about when it comes to Country Girls from July onwards is that you won't study.

Funaki: Don't worry. I'll still have to send my test results to Momochi-senpai.

20th May Momochi-ism tour (final show) in Osaka (evening) [x][x]

What are the Momochi-isms to you?
Funaki: Balancing work and studies
Yanagawa: Being an idol 24 hours a day
Ozeki: A heart of steel
Morito: Smiles are number one
Yamaki: The will to do things to completion
Momo: The culmination of 15 years


20th May Momochi-ism tour (final show) in Osaka (evening) [x][x]

Makoto: Well, we're at the final leg of the tour.

Momo: It went by in the blink of an eye, didn't it?

Makoto: Buono! is the day after tomorrow.

Momo: That's right, at the Yokohama Arena. Country Girls will be there too.

Makoto: Your last show will be outdoors.

Momo: Yup. It'll be a bit of a ways from here, in Odaiba.

Makoto: What surprised me when I heard about it was that you managed to persuade production to follow your requests.

Momo: I didn't think it would go through. I wanted to do something out of the norm. I cheerfully made the announcement, and everyone was like 'What if it rains?' (laughs)

Makoto: Up Front Group doesn't really do outdoor concerts. As for why, like you just said, there's the risk of rain. And there are also the costs involved in setting up the stage.

Momo: Well, they've got to build it up from zero, right?

Makoto: The people at the office who are responsible for it told me that things really went according to your wishes. That made me have a better opinion of you! Your passion to perform outdoors as an artiste fired up the company. They were like, 'If she's going so far as to say it, let's do it.' How did you respond when the people at the office mentioned the possibility of raining?

Momo: If that happens, wouldn't that make it legendary?

Makoto: That's amazing! Extremely well done!

18th June Country Girls Spring Live Tour in Miyagi (afternoon)

Topic: Things the members wouldn't ask Momoko [x][x]

Yanamin: The other day, I went for a meal with Miyazawa Marin-san. That's never happened with Momochi-senpai, so that's already a difference. And since I'd mentioned that I like hamburg steaks, she'd checked things out and even thought up a plan which had us going to a genuine hamburg steak store. And at the store, Miyazawa-san was like 'Eh, it's fine. I'll pay'.

Audience: Oohhhhh! (Applauds)

(Having warmed up, Yanamin takes a step forward)

Yanamin: Momochi-senpai's pretty strict when it comes to expenses, right? Something like that would be unthinkable with her.


Country Girls Yokohama 

Theme: What if you won the lottery? [x]

Ozeki: I'd save it all up, and use it little by little

Yamaki: What a cheapskate.

Morito: Cheapskate, cheapskate!


18th June Country Girls Spring Live Tour (final show) in Miyagi (evening)

Last MC during the encore [x][x]

The other day, Country Girls made an announcement about our future.
We announced that we will be entering a new form, and I'm sure that it surprised a lot of you as well.
All of you have said all sorts of things, but it doesn't mean that Country Girls will be no more.
This might be the last time the six of us sing songs together, but the five of them will keep on singing after this.
To the members who are transferring and will have concurrent positions, don't do anything to drag the group's name down! And don't trouble the group you'll be transferring to! Don't just bring out the weird Momochi-isms, ok!? (laughs)
And to the members who'll be studying, study properly.
And more than anything, all of you, please keep on praising these girls!
From now on, I'll be counting on your support for Hello! Project and Country Girls, as well as for Tsugunaga Momoko, until the very end.


20th May Momochi-ism tour (final show) in Osaka (evening) [x][x][x]

At this last leg of the Momochi-ism tour, the audience did a Momochi call after the encore.
The Country Girls members came out and without microphones, wished the audience a 'Thank you!' before heading back off-stage.

After that, the usual post-concert announcement had a not-so-usual message to share:
'And with that, all the shows of Country Girls' live tour 'Momochi-ism' have been completed. We hope that none forget the Momochi-isms. Please take care as you return.'
A final 'Momochi saikou' call ensued.

Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanuts Butter Jelly Love / Country GirlsCountry Girls Concert Tour 2017 Haru - Momochi-ism - / Country Girls

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