Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Captain and vice-captain talk about Berryz Kobo's tour and last single

Berryz Kobo autumn 2014 concert tour ~ Professional ~
Commemorating the 10th year anniversary of their début 
Will be opening from the 18th of October!
'It's been 4 years since we had an autumn tour to ourselves. The members of Berryz Kobo were extremely insistent on the particulars of the setlist, repeatedly having discussions on the song selections, time and time again. Captain (Shimizu Saki( and (Tokunaga) Chinami were extremely particular about it, but I guess the most insistent was Momo (Tsugunaga Momoko). However, the feeling that we want to give all of the fans something that's as good as possible, it's something that's shared by the 7 of us.' (Natsuyaki)

Their parting final single will be on sale on the 12th of November!!
'Romance wo Katatte / Towa no Uta'
'"Romance wo Katatte" is a song in the cute camp, something that's unusual for Berryz Kobo. Since we've had a lot of funny songs and cool songs so far. Everyone's smiling in the music video, and you'll be able to see the members being their natural selves.' (Shimizu)

'"Towa no Uta" is an energetic song that can pump up a concert. Since for Berryz Kobo, it's our last single. At the very end, I'd like to capture 1st place.' (Natsuyaki)

{Skoban: Miya... I wish that that last bit comes true (T_T)}

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