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Puri Puri Princess #220 (30/06/2013) - Summary

References: http://www.geocities.jp/dekopinnight/puri2_project2.html


The day of the broadcast, 30th June marked the 11th year anniversary of the H!P Kids. Momoko talked about entering her memories of her eleven years as well as thanking all the fans that supported her. It also marked Recommender Ktaro-san's birthday.
To those who had been with her throughout the eleven years, Momo wished that everyone would continue spending time together.
To those who had just become fans, well, they're late.
Well, even though she's become an idol for 11 years, she hopes that the listeners can continue suporting Momochi, Berryz Kobo, H!P Kids.

Title call

Jingle 1

"Tsunku or something came and it was good, thus the final day of June became Berikyuu's anniversary. Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess"
(Puri Puri Name: Fukumen X)

Moshi Moshi Momochi Desu

(Where Momo calls up listeners for a chat)

Just like Momochi, I'm currently in my fourth year of university. Ever since I hit twenty, I've been thinking about age and growing older. Despite being the same age, Momoko-hime is always perky, so I'd love to talk with Momoko-hime about age and staying energetic.
(Idol Kingdom Osaka Prefecture Puri Puri Name: Aritan)

The listener was in job hunting mode, and was expecting a call from a company, so Momo's call was a nice surprise. She complained that she was having a difficult time since her CV was going through the appeals process.
Since she had sufficient credits, she hadn't been to school for a while.
Her major was IT related, and typing is her strong point - compared to Momochi, who just uses one finger.
The discussion turned to Momo's credits, of which Momo wasn't too confident with.
Momo then asked if the listener was participating in any clubs - she was the bassist for the light music club.

She had also brought friends from her part-time job and converted them into Berryz fans, and they would be going to the Berryz Budoukan concert.
Origin story: she had started with MoMusu, as a Tsuji-chan fan. She became a Berryz fan after Tsuji graduated, especially since she was of the same age as the H!P Kids. The W & Berryz Kobo concert was also another point where she picked up on them.

The listener's favourite song was "Maji Good Chance Summer".
On the topic of what made Berryz different from other groups: Their performances are fun, and everyone is good at singing.
They ended with a suggestion that Momo sing for their light music club one day, and lead to the listener's favourite song:


"Maji Good Chance Summer/Berryz Kobo"

Berryz Station

(Where Momo reports the latest Berryz news)
Berryz Station (BGM: Gag 100kai bun Aishite Kudasai / Berryz Kobo)

Announcement regarding Puri Puri Princess was made: An on-demand archive for the programme would be made through agqr.jp, with one episode costing 105 yen.

Jingle 2 

"Momochi can use magic. Her magic fills everyone with energy for a week. Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess" (Puri Puri Name: Okashira)

Other announcements

Momo reads out a letter received from the Idol Kingdom:

Time passes by so quickly doesn't it? We've only got half a year left to go. What feelings does Momoko-hime have regarding the first half of the year?
I'm in my fourth year of university and am currently job-hunting. To me, this past year has passed in the blink of an eye, and I can't remember anything.
However, I can recall the the 10 years of Berryz being performers and the Budoukan concert announcement.
There may be only half a year left, but take care of yourself, and good luck with work.
(Idol Kingdom Chiba Prefecture Puri Puri Name: Muro)

Momo agrees that the half year had passed quickly.
During New Years, Momo did the usual, as well as the annually scheduled concert on the 2nd of January.
There was also a Momochi-Tsuki Gathering, which was full of pink penlights. Momochi also made pink mochi.
There was also the time where she had to perform the Yurushite-nyan Taisou in a miniskirt on a very cold day. There wasn't anything significant in February.

March marked the Berryz 10 year celebration. Berryz were formed on the 3rd of March, while Momo's birthday was on the 6th. This year, the Berryz celebrations overshadowed Momo's birthday, so there wasn't a celebration for Momo.

The Thai concert was held just after that (March 9th), and during the encore a pink coloured cake was rolled out. Momo's joy was short lived as it turned out to be another cake to commemorate the 10 years. She was happy for Berryz of course, but in her heart, she was like "Ah, no cake for Momochi this year."

Stepping backstage after the performance, they were greeted with another cake! In this instance, it turned out that they were celebrating the event coordinator's birthday. So in the end, it became a joint celebration.
ル ’ー’リ Where did my birthday go?

(bell rings indicating time up for segment)

That said, on the day of the birthday itself, there was cake and all the Berryz members sang for Momo, so that was happy.

And, since segment was up, that ends Momo's half year summary. There was the Budoukan announcement, but that's it for now.

And to celebate the H!P Kids 11th year, Seishun Gekijou

M2 Seishun Gekijou/Berryz Kobo

Jingle 3

"If we could hear Momochi rap, it'd only be on this radio. Puri Puri Yeah, Puri Puri Yo. Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Princess" (Puri Puri Name: Nari Nari)

Momochi! Yurushite-nyan Saiban 28

(Where Momochi judges whether a given situation  is forgiveable or not)

Situation: The person who asks "Are you asleep yet?" every five minutes when travelling in groups
(Idol Kingdom Kanagawa Prefecture Puri Puri Name: Sweet Purin)

Verdict: Unforgivable
Momo really hates this.
The first time someone says it, it's pretty sad for the person asking if they are greeted with silence.
So you respond with "I'm still awake", "Yeah, but I'm sleepy","Let's sleep", or the like.
When it's asked again 5 minutes later, then that's unforgivable.
Although these kind of things to happen and school field trips.

New Tsugunaga Constitution

Article 220
"No more talking once you've wished good night"
Momochi's still in a dream you know


(BGM: Omoide)

The week after will be the Tanabata festival, where you write down your wishes, and tie them to a bamboo tree.
Well, for the next week's broadcast, one of Momo's wishes would be coming true - a special guest would be appearing.
The oft-requested mangaka Tanemura Arina-sensei.
Momochi really likes her works and has most of them, and she follows the ones serialised in Ribon as well.

Looking back, the beginning of the first half of the year had a message from Card Captor Sakura's Kinomoto Sakura played on Puri Puri Princess.
While the second half will begin with a visit from Tanemura-sensei.
ル ’ー’リ This radio programme is awesome, isn't it?

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